The scene around our gasthaus, after our arrival, resembles a popular meeting; for, although a few of the villagers have been to Belgrade and seen a bicycle, it is only within the last six months that Belgrade itself has boasted one, and the great majority of the Batainitz people have simply heard enough about them to whet their curiosity for a closer acquaintance.

A Frenchman lately opened a Gasthaus, and lost no time in becoming bankrupt. There is, however, a manner of boarding-house kept by a Mrs. King. Turning south from Water Street, we passed the Wilberforce, or rather the 'Willyfoss, memorial, a colossal scandal noticed by every visitor at Sa Leone, a 'folly' which has cost 3,000l.

Madame Patoff was well pleased with the place, and said so as she slowly climbed the narrow path, leaning on the professor's arm. The inn the old Gasthaus zum Goldenen Anker stands upon the very edge of the precipice above the tumbling Nagold, and is indeed partly built down the face of the cliff.

Ere we have been five minutes at a gasthaus Igali is usually found surrounded by an admiring circle of leading citizens not peasants; Igali would not suffer them to gather about him pouring into their willing ears the account of my journey; the words, "San Francisco, Boston, London, Paris, Wien, Pesth, Belgrade, Constantinople, Afghanistan, India, Khiva," etc., which are repeated in rotation at wonderfully short intervals, being about all that my linguistic abilities are capable of grasping.

Vincent passed out, too, out on the broad white road, and down the hill to his homely Gasthaus. He felt weak and very lonely lonelier even than when he had parted from Mabel long ago on the eve of his Ceylon voyage. He could hope then; now he had lost her for ever! Still, one of his wishes had been granted he had been able to be of service to her, to make some sacrifice for her dear sake.

Taking my seat at the long table in front of the local Gasthaus, and ordering some imitation coffee the only refreshment provided in the absence of a local bread ticket I pointed out one of these notices to the only other person at the table, who was drinking some "extraordinarily weak beer," as he put it. "Have the people here planted much of these things I see on that notice?"

We are astir by five o'clock next morning; but the same curious crowd is making the stone corridors of the rambling old gasthaus impassable, and filling the space in front, gazing curiously at us, and commenting on our appearance whenever we happen to become visible, while waiting with commendable patience to obtain a glimpse of our wonderful machines.

At Hamenitz we met Professor Zaubaur, the editor of the Uj Videk, who came down the Danube ahead of us by steamboat; and now, after housing our machines at our gasthaus in Peterwardein, he pilots us across the pontoon bridge in the twilight, and into one of those wine- gardens so universal in this part of the world.

It has been a sort of pilgrimage, I think gasthaus zur Landes Grenze. "The scenery is naught in comparison with the Scots Highlands, or even our Pentlands. It is only in Scotland and the Lakes that hills of humble height look Alpine. The Wald is something like your Harz, but higher; so adieu. Love to all from J.H. BURTON." "THALE, Monday, 5th July 1879. "MY DEAR LOVE, I think you know this place.

It is altogether a most enjoyable evening, and on parting I am requested to write when I get around the world and tell the Strenburgers all that I have seen and experienced. On top of the gasthaus is a rude observatory, and before starting I take a view of the country.