The markings match the colouring of the branches, and there has been a change in the formation of the claws" holding up a huge paw "while the forearm is a little curved, and the skin between the elbow and the body bears a resemblance in its growth to that found on the so-called 'flying-squirrel." "It's a tough customer, whatever it is, and I hope that it is the last of its kind.

"There's the Flying-Squirrel family," he reminded her. "They can only fly from one tree to another," his mother told him. "I think I'll peep out and see for myself what this strange creature looks like." He begged her not to. But Mrs. Chipmunk said she would be careful. And she went out and looked up at the sky. Sandy was surprised when she came back laughing. "What is it, Mother?" he asked.

She rose to pursue him, when he ran up the wall, and clung against the plastering, showing himself very plainly a gray flying-squirrel, with large, soft eyes, and wings which consisted of a membrane uniting the fore paws to the hind ones, like those of a bat.

"I think love may be acquired. At least it may grow from a little seed to a great tree, with proper care. If we earnestly try to see all the good traits in a friend, we shall end by loving him at last. And if we earnestly try to care for some helpless, dependent person, we shall end by loving that person very dearly. Don't you remember your flying-squirrel, Hugh?

The nuts rattle noisily down on its roof; sometimes during "evenin' preachin'" which takes place in the afternoon a flying-squirrel frisks near the window; the hymns echo softly, softly, from the hazy sunlit heights across the valley. "That air the doxol'gy," said Tom Brent, one day, pausing to listen among the wagons and horses hitched outside.

But it stopped as suddenly, for in the middle of it Pinkey gathered himself and sprang through the air like a flying-squirrel, to bowl the Smith boy over. "You said you wouldn't tell about that 'Craw de gare, ner call me a hero, an' you've gone and done it!" he said, accusingly, as he sat astride of him. "I got feelin's jest like grown-up folks, and I don't like to be laughed at.

We were almost at the crown of the ridge when a brown flying-squirrel, routed from his cave in a dead limb by the hammering of a hungry woodpecker, stood for a moment blinking in the sunlight and then made a flying leap for an oak on the opposite side of the road; but his estimate was calculated on the moonlight basis, and he missed by a fraction of an inch and went tumbling head over heels into the weeds.

"I haven't his stock of bad words, though." "You've got a power of fun in you, though, you keep everybody laughing when you want to, and if you'd only turn the pumps on him once, he'd howl like a yellow dog that's had a quart o' hot suds poured over him out of a neighbor's window. Use your wits, like your father said. You've lived in the woods till you're as shy as a flying-squirrel.

It was a little flying-squirrel, who took to making excursions into our house in the night season, coming down the chimney into the chambers, rustling about among the clothes, cracking nuts or nibbling at any morsels of anything that suited his fancy.

"That man had it," proudly informed Baby, and he fished from the bosom of his hunting-shirt a hank of coarse black hair. "A Shawnee sculp or I'm a flying-squirrel!" yelled Runner. "Don't you understand it, men? Some dog of a Shawnee rubbed out Kirby. His hair's been off his head these six weeks. No wonder he ain't come in to help you folks to fort.