Going for five hundred!" The auctioneer looked at Wallie, who could not have been paler in his coffin. "Five twenty-five!" "Good! Now, sir," to the veterinary. "Five-fifty!" He turned to Wallie: "Am I done, gentlemen?" Wallie stared at him, his throat too dry to answer. "Must I give away the best pullin' team in the State for a puny, piddlin' five hundred and fifty dollars?" he pleaded.

"What is bid for this superior sofa, made by ," went on the salesman, "Seventy dollars sixty-five sixty-fifty five-fifty forty-five forty thirty-five thirty." "Twenty-five dollars," said a timid voice. "Twenty-five! Twenty-five!" cried the auctioneer. "Twenty-six," said I.

And my heart went out to the brave old Wolf that refused to escape by abandoning his friend. The next hour was a hard repetition of the gully riding, but it was on the highlands where there was snow, and when again the pack was split, we strained every power and succeeded in keeping them on the big "five-fifty track," that already was wearing for me the glamour of romance.

He's the old chap from New York who said he was expecting someone, and to send him right up. I suppose you're the man. Here, boy, show Mr. Townsend to five-fifty. Right that way, sir." And before his words were finished he had turned to a new arrival.

"If you will be at Euston Square on Saturday to meet the five-fifty train from Monckton," she resumed, "I should be obliged to you Miss Liddell travels alone and you can dine with us if you like after, unless you are going to preach the gospel somewhere." "Thank you. Why do you object to my preaching?" "Because I like things done decently and in order.

At five-fifty Sir George departed, as usual, to catch the six-five for Wimbledon, where he had a large residence, which outwardly resembled at once a Bloomsbury boarding-house, a golf-club, and a Riviera hotel. Henry, after Sir George's exit, lapsed into his principal's chair and into meditation. The busy life of the establishment died down until only the office-boys and Henry were left.

Do you call it honest to hold us up for every cent of pay they can get? "How much do the maids get here?" Carol ventured. Mrs. B. J. Gougerling, wife of the banker, stated in a shocked manner, "Any place from three-fifty to five-fifty a week! I know positively that Mrs.

But I really did spend five-fifty in advertising the wagon in the Tottenville and Gridley papers this summer, so I'm fifty cents ahead, anyway, and a fifty-cent piece is always equivalent to half a dollar!" With which sage reflection Mr. Newbegin Titmouse went out into his small orchard to see whether he had overlooked any summer apples that were worth two dollars a barrel.

"Forty-eight five-fifty," Harris Rabin replied. "That feller's got a nerve like a horse." "Oh, I don't know," Morris murmured. "Forty-eight five-fifty is a good price for the house, Harris." "Is it?" Harris cried. "Well, maybe you think so, but you ain't such a griterion." Morris was visibly offended at so harsh a rejoinder. "I know I ain't, Harris," he said. "If I was I wouldn't be here, Harris.

I use four pounds of food and air a day. A cabin for me to live in would be four feet high an' five across. Bein' smaller, it wouldn't need so much bracing. You could do it for two hundred pounds. Three hundred for grub and air, fifty for me. Me on the moon supplied for two months would come to five-fifty pounds. Sixteen tons of fuel to get me to the moon direct!