"About a mile away I heard the noise, and thought I'd drop in to see who was getting killed." "A mile away," sniffed Mollie, abandoning the attack, while Betty once more opened her knitting bag. "If girls are good fibbers I wonder what they'd call men." "Li I mean prevaricators," said Allen cheerfully, and the girls gasped in dismay.

Then came the unhappy moment when a scattering of small grimy paws was timidly put up, and their falsifying owners confessed that they had fibbed more than once during the year. These tearful fibbers were also counted, and sent from the room, while the non-fibbers chose their reward, which was to sail around the Bass Rock and the Isle of May in a steam tug.

Again, this poet, this exquisite weaver of verbal harmonies, is represented to us by his worshippers as having a passion for truth; whereas it happens that he was one of the most remarkable fibbers that ever lived. He would come home with amazing tales about assassins who had waylaid him, and try to give himself importance by such blustering inventions.

But what I want to find out is, are the boys going to do any of the work?" "Good land, is she asking us to cook?" asked Ferd. "Why, Billie, we don't know a thing about it!" "And don't want to learn," added Chet fervently. "Oh, you big fibbers!" Billie's eyes danced as she looked at them.

"Well, I don't know that I need to grumble, if you can feel contented behind that old cart," laughed Reade. "How does it go, Darry?" "I haven't begun to notice, as yet," replied Dave coolly. Tom eyed him suspiciously. "Darry," he remarked presently, "you're talented." "In what way?" Dave inquired. "You're one of the most talented fibbers I ever encountered.

It was a lovely day, and when the fibbers' tears were dried they played merrily on the sand, their games directed and shared by the aforesaid misguided persons. Meantime a high wind had sprung up at sea, and the tug was tossed to and fro upon the foamy deep.

On the festival day, the matron of the orphanage chanced on the happy thought that it might have a moral effect on the said fibbers to see the non-fibbers depart in a blaze of glory; so they were taken to the beach to watch the tug start on its voyage.