'You've met for certain at that matinee one of those long-tailed creatures' this was how Platonida Ivanovna always spoke of all fashionably-dressed ladies of the period 'with a pretty dolly face; and she goes prinking this way ... and pluming that way' Platonida presented these fancied manoeuvres in mimicry 'and making saucers like this with her eyes' and she drew big, round circles in the air with her forefinger 'You're not used to that sort of thing.

And now an event occurred, simple and unimportant in itself, and yet it was one that affected the whole of George's after-life. One evening, as he was leaving the office, and had just turned into Fleet-street, a nice-looking, fashionably-dressed young man came running up, and, clapping him on the shoulder, exclaimed, "What!

Somewhat later, when Duvernois came once more to the house, accompanied by a fashionably-dressed youth, who, as it subsequently appeared, was his younger brother, he found the family and the neighborhood in wild alarm over the disappearance of Mrs. Leighton. The two at once returned to the hotel, procured saddle-horses and joined in the general chase.

The publishing of books is a very different affair now-a-days from what it was in the time of Bernard Lintot. I found the publisher a fashionably-dressed man, in an elegant drawing-room, furnished with sofas and portraits of celebrated authors, and cases of splendidly bound books. He was writing letters at an elegant table. This was transacting business in style.

You must put on your warm cloak." Miss Rice's friends were principally middle-aged ladies. Her sisters, large, stout women, used to come and see her, and there was a fashionably-dressed young man whom her mistress seemed to like very much. Mr.

On my way through the town I had seen my lady with her children, and one or two fashionably-dressed women, friends who lived in B. My lady was completing her purchases. I implored Melissa immediately to come out with me. She was astonished and hesitated, but my impetuosity was so urgent that she feared to refuse, and without any explanation I almost dragged her into the street.

"Then it was the one who was in such danger with my husband last night?" "Yes," said Mrs. Archbold off her guard. It had not occurred to her that this handsome, fashionably-dressed young gentleman, was the fireman of last night. She saw her mistake, though, the moment he said bluntly, "Why, you told my mother it was an attendant." "Did I, madam?" asked Mrs.

Which do you regard as the vainer, the fashionably-dressed young gentleman on the Canopic way, or the cynical philosopher with his unkempt hair, his carefully-ragged cloak over his shoulders, and a heavy cudgel in his dirty hands?" "The latter, certainly," replied Pollux.

She felt a wild impulse to leave her seat and advance towards him; she longed with a sudden desperation of longing to meet his eyes, to see his smile, but pride held her back. She sat motionless watching with strained eyes. One of Captain Fanshawe's companions was old, the other young a pretty, fashionably-dressed girl, who appeared abundantly content with her escort.

It was a very fashionably-dressed personage, who, making a sort of patronizing sweeping bend, said, 'I was just about to send a person to assist Mrs. Martindale. I hope you will ring whenever you require anything. The under lady's maid will be most happy to attend you. 'There, said Arthur, as the lady passed on, 'that is the greatest person in the house, hardly excepting my aunt.