It is what, to a radiant son of the Muses, and bright messenger of the harmonious Wisdoms, this poor world if he himself have not strength enough, and inertia enough, and amid his harmonious eloquences silence enough has provided at present.

If an Invasion did chance to land, the state of England would be found handy beyond hope! Incredible; but certain. "Hire Hessians," cry they; "hire Hanoverians; if France land on us, we are undone!" and continue their Parliamentary Eloquences in a most distressful manner. "Apply to the Dutch, at any rate, for their 6,000 as per Treaty", cries everybody. Which is done.

No drawing sword against a nefarious Prussia, on those terms. The Camp at Gottin holds George in checkmate. The case of Hanover, which everybody saw to be his Majesty's vulnerable point, was the constant open door of France and her machinations, and a never-ending theme of angry eloquences in the English Parliament as well.

The ingenuous arts had softened his manners; the parliamentary eloquences supplied him with a succedaneum for government, the popular literatures with the finer sensibilities of the heart: surely on this windward side of things the British reader was not ill off? Unhappy British reader!

For brevity's sake, I lend them that locution, "No, a thousand times," and in actual arithmetic, I should think there are at least four or five hundred times of it, in those extinct Diplomatic Eloquences of Excellency Fenelon and the other French; vaguely counting, in one's oppressed imagination, during the Two Years that ensue.

Now, however, the self-surrender manifest in her willingness to let me squeeze her hand, the ardour of her pressure in return, and the glorious flush of love in her beautiful, deep, dark eyes as she lifted them to mine, were all the eloquences which the most impatient or exacting lover could expect or demand. No word was spoken; none was needed.

They are very noble men, these; step along in their stately way, with their measured euphemisms, philosophies, parliamentary eloquences, Ship-moneys, Monarchies of Man; a most constitutional, unblamable, dignified set of men. But the heart remains cold before them; the fancy alone endeavors to get up some worship of them.

Hence the beauties, concords, and eloquences of the female form were never without their effect upon Christopher, a born musician, artist, poet, seer, mouthpiece whichever a translator of Nature's oracles into simple speech may be called.

"See how fine we make all things. If I will not serve for making clean the house, why am I? Is not?" "It doesn't make any difference what you do, you are always beautiful." "Ah, Mr. 'Arry, you must say those compliments only in the French. It is no language, the English, for those fine eloquences." "No, I don't seem to be able to say anything I mean, in French.

So in universities, and all manner of dames' and other schools, of the very highest class as of the very lowest; and Society at large, when we enter there, confirms with all its brilliant review-articles, successful publications, intellectual tea-circles, literary gazettes, parliamentary eloquences, the grand lesson we had. Other lesson in fact we have none, in these times.