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'No, Madame; and a page knocking, opened the door and announced, 'Madame la Comtesse. The Chevalier, in easy deshabille, with a flask of good wine, iced water, and delicate cakes and confitures before him, a witty and licentious epigrammatic poem close under his hand, sat lazily enjoying the luxuries that it had been his daughter's satisfaction to procure for him ever since her marriage.

On her arm she carried a little basket of cakes and confitures, and these she dreamed she sold, for they were few who bought of Crazy Joan.

So the old woman, talking all the time, bustled here and there, setting sweet cakes baked with honey, confitures and bairns' goodies, figs, almonds, and cheese before her guests. But through all her blandishments Sholto watched her and had his eyes warily upon what should befall her husband, who could be seen lying apparently either asleep or unconscious upon the bed in an inner room.

Another sight was from a gallery, whence they beheld the King eat his dinner alone at a silver-loaded table, and a lengthy ceremony it was. Four plates of soup to begin with, a whole capon with ham, followed by a melon, mutton, salad, garlic, pate de foie gras, fruit, and confitures.

Hallam, realizing that it was Saturday night the predatory night of the week had secured her pastry, her confitures, her celebrated desserts; and so poor Pinton, all his sweet teeth furiously aching, his mouth watering, stood on the hither side of Paradise, a baffled peri in pantaloons!

"Ah! that I will not tell you but we will go to the convent at Liége, Monsieur Horace; I would like to see Soeur Lucie again. Poor Soeur Lucie but it is sad to think that she is always there making her confitures there are so many other things to be done in the world." "For example?" "Joining a marching regiment," she said, looking at him half- laughing, half-shyly.

What a spectacle awaited him!.... Amid bottles, pastries, scattered cushions, tambourine, guitar, and hookah, Baia stood, without her blue jacket or her corslet, dressed only in a silver gauze blouse and big pink pantaloons, singing "Marco la belle" with a naval officer's hat tipped over one ear... while on a rug at her feet surfeited with love and confitures, was Barbassou, the infamous Barbassou, roaring with laughter as he listened to her.

Dinner is at half-past five; no luncheon and no dressing for dinner. I will describe one dinner Bouilli de boeuf large piece in the middle, and all the other dishes round it rotie de mouton ris de veau pique maquereaux pates de cervelle salad. 2nd service; oeufs aux jus petits pois lettuce stewed gateaux de confitures prunes. Dessert; gateaux, cerises, confiture d'abricot et de groseille.

Pate chaud de legumes 1 5 2 petits Pates a la Bechamel 1 4 2 petits Pates au jus 0 16 1 Pate chaud d'anguille 1 10 1 Pate chaud de cretes et de rognons de coqs 2 0 Tourte de godiveau 1 0 Tourte aux confitures 1 5 Vol-au-Vent de filets de volailles 2 0 Vol-au-Vent de Saumon frais 1 10 Vol-au-Vent de morue a la Bechamel 1 5 Vol-au-Vent de cervelle de veau a l'Allemande 1 5 fr. s.

"Our sainted Superior doubtless knew best," said Soeur Lucie, with a ready faith, which was capable, however, of adjusting itself to meet altered circumstances, "but we are clearing out that room below, which we think of turning into another store- room; we have not half space enough for our confitures as it is, and another large order has arrived to-day.