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This thing will absorb heat from anywhere the air, water, sunlight or what have you and give out electric current." The two scientists stared, and traced the diagram again, and stared at each other. "It should!" said the thin man. "It it has to! This is magnificent! It's more important than one-way heat conduction! This is ..."

From an ice-house we sometimes take blocks of ice presenting misty spaces in the otherwise continuous mass; and when we inquire into the cause of this mistiness, we find it to be due to myriads of small six-petalled flowers, into which the ice has been resolved by the mere heat of conduction.

Regulation of the Bodily Temperature. While bodily heat is being continually produced, it is also as continually being lost by the lungs, by the skin, and to some extent, by certain excretions. The blood, in its swiftly flowing current, carries warmth from the tissues where heat is being rapidly generated, to the tissues or organs in which it is being lost by radiation, conduction, or evaporation.

A connection untraversed or used but a few times is much more plastic than later when it has been used often. Hence the first time the connection is used gives a greater set or bent than any equal subsequent activity. This is true both of the nervous system as a whole and of any particular conduction unit. Thus impressions made in childhood count more than those of the same strength made later.

All these varied classes of phenomena admit solely of one explanation, and that is, that the interior of the earth contains vast stores of incandescent heat. We now apply to our earth the same reasoning which we should employ on a poker taken from the fire, or on a casting drawn from the foundry. Such bodies will lose their heat by radiation and conduction. The earth is therefore losing its heat.

Helmholtz, I believe, was the first to give the contact theory this new form, in his celebrated essay, Ueber die Erhaltung der Kraft, p. 45. Researches on frictional electricity: induction: conduction: specific inductive capacity: theory of contiguous particles.

But with air in those spaces instead of vacuum, and with the whole mass of the Hope, except this one lifeboat, as cold as it is, I figure that there'll be enough conduction and convection through them to keep the outer wall and the mirror cold cool enough, at least, to hold the mirror on for an hour. If only one ship tackles us, it won't be bad but I figure that if there's only one, we're lucky."

I made this experiment with ice, with a lighted wood-coal, and with everything that came into my mind; and I constantly remarked that such bodies of themselves as were least electrical had the greatest degree of electricity communicated to them at the approval of the glass tube." His next important discovery was that colors had nothing to do with the conduction of electricity. "Mr.

His inspectors likewise make careful returns of all the known prevailing diseases of the lower animals and of plants. To his office are forwarded, for examination and analysis, specimens of foods and drinks suspected to be adulterated, impure, or otherwise unfitted for use. For the conduction of these researches the sanitary superintendent is allowed a competent chemical staff.

During the storms which usher in the monsoon, it has been observed, that when coco-nut palms are destroyed by lightning, the effect frequently extends beyond a single tree, and from the contiguity and conduction of the spreading leaves, or some other peculiar cause, large groups will be affected by a single flash, a few killed instantly, and the rest doomed to rapid decay.