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She had been taken by a French privateer as she was going to see her sons in Jersey, and left Verdun at a quarter of an hour's notice, as the women were allowed to come home, and she had not time to tell this to Lovell, or get a letter from him to his friends. Molly Coffy, for fifty years Mrs. She was children's maid to Mr. Estwick, and Mr. Estwick is, my father says, son to a Mr.

June 1. brite and fair. today we had a great time at brekfast. father was home becaus sumtimes he gets tired. we had boiled egs for brekfast and mother she boiled the egs i found in the nest. well we set down to the table and father he helped us to egs and bisket and he took up a eg and held it over his glass and hit it a paist with his spoon and it went off jest like a pop pistol and father he said thunder Joey the infernal thing is roten and we all held our nose and ran away from the table and you never smelt such a auful smel. well mother she made me take the egs all out behine the barn and throw them away and i did and when i got there i had sum fun pluging them at J. Albert Clarks big apple tree and i hit it most every time and every time i hit it the eg popped like a pistol. then i went in to brekfast and mother was burning some coffy in a duspan to take away the smel of the roten eg. well while we was eating brekfast J. Albert Clark he came in and said i had beter come out and clean of his apple tree and burn a rag and father made me take a pail of hot water and clean it of.

I HOPE YOU SLEPT WELL. Don't be FRIGHTENED if I don't bring you in your COFFY. Last night as I was coming home smoaking, I met with an ACCADENT. I was NABBED by Moss of Cursitor Street from whose GILT AND SPLENDID PARLER I write this the same that had me this time two years. Miss Moss brought in my tea she is grown very FAT, and, as usual, had her STOCKENS DOWN AT HEAL.

Sir George Mackenzie is the chief mover of the expedition. This epigram or epitaph was written by Lord I-don't-know-who, upon Doctor Addington Pitt's Addington in old French: Cy dessous reposant Le sieur Addington git: Politique soi-disant, Medecin malgre lui. March 19. The other day we had a visit from a Mrs. Coffy no relation, she says, to your Mrs. Coffy.

And wo be to them that have the least symptom of a meazle upon their tongue, for the true lovers of Tee, are like unto the Suppers up of Coffy, and are the best News-Mongers for all things that happens in the City, yea almost in all Kingdoms; and when you hear the men speak seriously of such matters; it is as if they had the best correspondence for intelligence out of all Princes Courts; but especially, if this miracle be wrought thereby, that the Water be changed in to Wine.

Bimeby a woman's long skirt gets between my legs, and I spins round and goes kerslash into the stumuck of a fat old gentleman, who was just blowin his third cup. He med a spaired his breath though! kerslap I goes into his wastecote, and kesouse goes his coffy over his shoulders onto hed and neck of a bony old made with a bird of Pardice in her artificial locks.

Teck Pervis sauntered in, sat down folded his arms upon the table, and sheepishly watched his wife as she flitted from place to place in the humble little kitchen. Mrs. Pervis paused, and her eyes met her husband's gaze. "Well what in ther wor'l is ter matter Teck Pervis? Why air ye gazin at me so dis mornin, turn yer cup and tak yer coffy."