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I invited them to visit me at the Chateau de Clagny, my favourite country-seat, and there I caused a sumptuous collation to be served to them in accordance with their tastes. Plain roast meat they ate with avidity; other dishes seemed to inspire them with distrust, they looked closely at them, and then went off to something else.

So by the time the visitors from Sancerre had taken their leave one by one for they had an hour's drive before them when no one remained in the drawing-room but Monsieur de Clagny, Monsieur Lebas, Gatien, and Monsieur Gravier, who were all to sleep at Anzy the journalist had already changed his mind about Dinah.

Dinah looked steadily at Monsieur de Clagny, making him feel, by an expression that gave him a chill, that in spite of the illustrious examples he had quoted, she regarded this as a reflection on Paquita la Sevillane.

Do you suppose that a judge and jury in a police court would give credence to the operation of the Holy Ghost! And yet who can venture to assert that God will never again redeem mankind? Is it any better now than it was under Tiberius?" "Your argument is blasphemy," said Monsieur de Clagny. "I grant it," said the journalist, "but not with malicious intent. You cannot suppress historical fact.

There are certain horrible situations in which we come to no decision till the moment when our friends discern our dishonor. We accept compromises with ourself so long as we escape a censor who comes to play prosecutor. Monsieur de Clagny, as clumsy as a tortured man, had been torturing Dinah.

"Make no more comments, monsieur," said Madame de la Baudraye. "There, you see!" cried Bianchon. "Interest, the romantic demon, has you by the collar, as he had me a while ago." "Read on," cried de Clagny, "I understand." "What a coxcomb!" said the Presiding Judge in a whisper to his neighbor the Sous-prefet. "He wants to please Madame de la Baudraye," replied the new Sous-prefet.

Being come to Clagny, the Marshal, having shut himself up with me in his closet, said to me the words which follow: "You know, my sister, how all along you have been dear to me; the grief which is wearing you out does me almost as much harm as you. To-day I wish to hurt you for your own good; and get you away from this locality in spite of yourself.

"There is no such person as Didine; you have killed her, my dear," she replied, releasing herself. "I am taking you to the first performance of Madame la Comtesse de la Baudraye." "It is true, then, that our insect is a peer of France?" "The nomination is to be gazetted in this evening's Moniteur, as I am told by Monsieur de Clagny, who is promoted to the Court of Appeal."

In the original, "Font chatoyer les mots." "Et quelquefois les morts," dit Monsieur de Clagny. "Ah! Literally: "And sometimes the dead." "What can he mean?" asked Madame de Clagny, puzzled by this vile pun. "I seem to be walking in the dark," replied the Mayoress. "The jest would be lost in an explanation," remarked Gatien.

He was setting out for the Holy Land, and his friends were remonstrating with him, urging his age, and the perils of such an expedition. 'And then, said one, 'you are married. 'Married! said he, 'so little married." Even the rigid Madame Piedefer could not repress a smile. "I should not be surprised to see Monsieur de Clagny mounted on my pony to complete the escort," said Dinah.

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