In the meantime, Sergeant McCredie, "fighting Mac," as he was called, from the Fifteenth Precinct, Captain C. W. Caffrey, arrived on the scene with a few men.

Edy told him no, no and to be off now with him and she told Cissy Caffrey not to give in to him. You're not my sister, naughty Tommy said. It's my ball. But Cissy Caffrey told baby Boardman to look up, look up high at her finger and she snatched the ball quickly and threw it along the sand and Tommy after it in full career, having won the day. Anything for a quiet life, laughed Ciss.

Cissy Caffrey whistled, imitating the boys in the football field to show what a great person she was: and then she cried: Gerty! Gerty! We're going. Come on. We can see from farther up. Gerty had an idea, one of love's little ruses. She slipped a hand into her kerchief pocket and took out the wadding and waved in reply of course without letting him and then slipped it back.

CISSY CAFFREY: I gave it to Molly Because she was jolly, The leg of the duck, The leg of the duck. Laughter of men from the lane. THE VIRAGO: Signs on you, hairy arse. More power the Cavan girl. CISSY CAFFREY: More luck to me. Cavan, Cootehill and Belturbet. I gave it to Nelly To stick in her belly, The leg of the duck, The leg of the duck.

Queen of angels, queen of patriarchs, queen of prophets, of all saints, they prayed, queen of the most holy rosary and then Father Conroy handed the thurible to Canon O'Hanlon and he put in the incense and censed the Blessed Sacrament and Cissy Caffrey caught the two twins and she was itching to give them a ringing good clip on the ear but she didn't because she thought he might be watching but she never made a bigger mistake in all her life because Gerty could see without looking that he never took his eyes off of her and then Canon O'Hanlon handed the thurible back to Father Conroy and knelt down looking up at the Blessed Sacrament and the choir began to sing the Tantum ergo and she just swung her foot in and out in time as the music rose and fell to the Tantumer gosa cramen tum.

And they all looked was it sheet lightning but Tommy saw it too over the trees beside the church, blue and then green and purple. It's fireworks, Cissy Caffrey said. And they all ran down the strand to see over the houses and the church, helterskelter, Edy with the pushcar with baby Boardman in it and Cissy holding Tommy and Jacky by the hand so they wouldn't fall running.

And Jacky Caffrey shouted to look, there was another and she leaned back and the garters were blue to match on account of the transparent and they all saw it and they all shouted to look, look, there it was and she leaned back ever so far to see the fireworks and something queer was flying through the air, a soft thing, to and fro, dark.

And still the voices sang in supplication to the Virgin most powerful, Virgin most merciful. And Gerty, rapt in thought, scarce saw or heard her companions or the twins at their boyish gambols or the gentleman off Sandymount green that Cissy Caffrey called the man that was so like himself passing along the strand taking a short walk. Poor father!

PRIVATE CARR: I'll do him in. Make a bleeding butcher's shop of the bugger. CISSY CAFFREY: They're going to fight. For me! CUNTY KATE: The brave and the fair. The gules doublet and merry saint George for me! STEPHEN: The harlot's cry from street to street Shall weave Old Ireland's windingsheet. Are you struck dumb? You are the link between nations and generations. Speak, woman, sacred lifegiver!

STEPHEN: Hark! Our friend noise in the street. PRIVATE CARR, PRIVATE COMPTON AND CISSY CAFFREY: Yet I've a sort a Yorkshire relish for... ZOE: That's me. Dance! BLOOM: Who'll...? Quick! Where's my augur's rod? Gold, pink and violet lights start forth. The drum turns purring in low hesitation waltz.