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"Why not? 'Tain't ours: All we've done is interfere with burglars. If this car carries the burgling things to rob the bank they won't be able to burgle to-night, anyway. Let's look for that chart they showed you. If it's anything about the treasure it's ours." "He said he kept it on the shelf with his railroad guides. I'm afraid he put it in his pocket after they'd looked at it."

He was wont to "burgle" the houses of the gentry round, and his favourite method of proceeding was to get on the roof and descend the chimneys, which in those days were wide. In my hall chimney was, till I removed it, an apparatus fitted with sharp spikes upward to impale the burglar should he attempt to get into the house that way.

It was after that that van Heerden started in to do some tall cursing of me, my country, my decadent race and the like. Things have been strained all the afternoon. To-night they reached a climax. He wanted me to help him in a burglary and burglary is not my forte." "What did he want to burgle?" asked McNorton, with professional interest. "Ah! There you have me!

According to Verity's accounts it was a common and every day occurrence for a house-breaker to force an entrance, murder the occupants, and depart, leaving a case to baffle the police until some amateur detective turned up and solved the mystery. "Has it ever struck you that the hostel would be a very easy place to burgle?" asked Fil.

It was true, and it may give us Chelius. I must leave Mr Blenkiron to tell you how. But the trouble is this. We know something of the doings of someone who may be Chelius, but we can't link them with Ivery. We know that Ivery is Bommaerts, and our hope is to link Bommaerts with Chelius. That's why I came here. I was trying to burgle this escritoire in an amateur way.

Birchill told Hill that he was frightened of Sir Horace Fewbanks, the judge who had sentenced him. "Then Birchill's confidence in Hill is remarkable, any way you look at it. He sends for Hill, whom he had known in gaol, and whom he hadn't seen since, to confide in him that it is his intention to burgle his employer's house.

I will say, therefore, that it spurred his genius to plan what no burglar had ever planned before. It was nothing less than to burgle the house of the gnoles. And this that abstemious man unfolded to Tonker over a cup of tea. Had Tonker not been nearly insane with pride over their recent transaction, and had he not been blinded by a veneration for Nuth, he would have but I cry over spilt milk.

He rashly assumes that Hill will do all that he wishes, and he proceeds to lay his cards on the table. But even supposing that Birchill was foolish enough to do this to trust a chance gaol acquaintance so implicitly there is a far more puzzling action on his part. Why did he want Hill's assistance to burgle a practically unprotected house?

When their bellies get empty they eat as many of us as they want, then they let the rest of us scurry around and hunt up new fields. We run all the risks; we spend our coin, and when we strike a new pool they burgle us over again." Stoner was speaking with a good deal of heat. "Big business, eh? Well, here's some little business dam' little.

Would it be better to give up the statue at once and get rid of it? But then his ring would be lost for ever! "It's surprising," he said at last. "But what did they want to go and burgle a plaster figure for?" "That's where it is, you see; she ain't plaster she's marble, a genuine antic of Venus, and worth thousands. The beggars who broke in knew that, and took nothing else.