Imagine! Is it posseeble that monsieur imagine for one moment that Bäader would arrange such annoyances? I remember ze hotel quite easily. It is not like, of course, ze Grand Hôtel of Paris, but it is simple, clean, ze cuisine superb, and ze apartment fine and hospitable. Remembare it is Bäader." "And the baths?" broke out the governor savagely.

And yet at a distance this relic of a former fashion, as handled by Bäader, it was so continually in his grasp and so seldom on his head, that you could never say it was worn, this hat, brushed, polished, and finally slicked by its owner to a state slightly confusing as to whether it were made of polished iron or silk, was really a very gay and attractive affair.

Then the little insect stopped at a white spot backed by dots of green; a small speck broke away, and was swallowed up for a few minutes in the white dot, doubtless Bäader to parley for rooms, and then to my astonishment the whole insect turned and began crawling back again, growing larger every minute. All this occurred before I had half finished my outline or opened my color-box.

One glimpse of this sea-burst tumbled me out of the carriage, sketch-trap in hand. Bäader and the governor kept on. If the latter noticed the discrepancy between Bäader's description of the country and the actual topography, no word fell from him at the moment of departure.

It was at ze conclusion of some arrangement commercial, when mon ami ze propriétaire say to me: 'Bäader, it is ze abandoned season in Paris. Why not arrange for ze gentlemen in Normandy? The number of francs a day will be at least'" here Bäader scrutinized carefully the governor's face "at least to ze amount of ten' is it not so, messieurs?

How simple zen to affeex ze stamps, only five sous, and in ze morning, even before Mme. Bäader is out of ze bed, it is in Paris a souvenir from Cancale. How charmante ze surprise!" I discovered afterward that since he had joined us Bäader's own domestic larder had been almost daily enriched with crumbs like these from Dives's table.

"Does monsieur expect to bathe at ze night?" inquired Bäader with a lifting of his eyebrows, his face expressing a certain alarm for my safety. "No, certainly not; but to-morrow, when I get up." "Ah, to-morrow!" with a sigh of relief. "I do assure you, monsieur, zat it will be complete. At ze moment of ze déflexion of monsieur le gouverneur zare was not ze time.

I learned the next morning that he evinced every desire to drown Bäader in the surf for bringing him to such an inn, and was restrained only by the knowledge that I should miss his protection during my one night in Cancale. "Moreover, it is ze grande fête to-night ze fête of ze République. Zare are fireworks and illumination and music by ze municipality. It is simple, but quite of ze people.

Of course it is imposseeble in Cancale to have ze grand bain of Paris, but then zare is still something, a bath quite spécial, simple, and of ze people. Remember, monsieur, it is Bäader." And so, with a cheery "Bon soir" from madame, and a profound bow from Bäader, I fell asleep. The next morning I was awakened by a rumbling in the lower hold, as if the cargo was being shifted.

I say to myself, 'Bäader, monsieur is an artist, and of enthusiasm, and will appreciate zis utensile agréable of ze fisherman. If monsieur will consider, it is, of course, not ze grand bain of Paris, but it is simple, and quite of ze people." Some two months later, the governor and I happened to be strolling through the flower-market of the Madeleine.