He corresponded regularly with Loo for some time, but his letters suddenly ceased to make their appearance, and nothing was heard of him for many months. During the long and weary illness Loo had three friends whose visits were to her soul like gleams of sunshine on a cloudy day Miss Tippet, Emma Ward, and a poor artificial-flower maker named Ziza Cattley.

Clem's earnings at an artificial-flower factory more than paid for that young lady's board and clothing, and all other outlay was not worth mentioning as a deduction from the income created by her sundry investments.

Byass had suggested the choice of artificial-flower making, to which she herself had been brought up; possibly that would do as well as anything else. 'I suppose so, was Sidney's reluctant acquiescence. 'Or as ill as anything else, would be a better way to put it.

Your voice is as unlike that of a public singer as you are unlike the singer herself." "It must seem very tame to you." "It seems very different. We have an artificial-flower department in our store. There is no lack of color and form there, I assure you, but after all I would prefer your rose garden in June."

On the contrary, he furnishes plenty of proofs, in his long letter, that he knows well enough how to handle it when the women are not around to give him the artificial-flower complaint. For instance 'At 4 o'clock ominous clouds began to gather in the south-east, and presently from the Gulf there came a blow which increased in severity every moment.

The planter's disconcerting laugh rang out again. "Yes, at their own trades. And one was an artificial-flower maker, and the other a glass-blower. Oh, they were looking for work! Not a hand would they consent to lift to labour of any other kind." "And another one," continued the soft-hearted mistress, "used quite good language. It was really extraordinary for one of his class.

The devil always puts a martyr near a Bixiou. Baudoyer's bureau held the martyr, a poor copying-clerk twenty-two years of age, with a salary of fifteen hundred francs, named Auguste-Jean-Francois Minard. Minard had married for love the daughter of a porter, an artificial-flower maker employed by Mademoiselle Godard.

"But you would probably prefer your artificial-flower department the rest of the year," said Annie, laughing. "Why so?" "Our roses are annuals and are only prosaic briers after their bloom." "Imagine them hybrid perpetuals and monthlies and you have my meaning. But your resemblance to a rose extends even to its thorns. Your words are a little sharp sometimes."

And now the talk was that Miss Margaret Underhill had a beau, a handsome young doctor. "They do think they're awful grand," said Lily to some of her mates. "But they take up with that Dele Whitney, who sometimes does the washing on Saturdays. It's a fact, girls; and the sister works in an artificial-flower place down in Division Street.

In the Burlington Arcade, I observe, with peculiar pleasure, a primitive state of manners to have superseded the baneful influences of ultra civilisation. Nothing can surpass the innocence of the ladies' shoe-shops, the artificial-flower repositories, and the head-dress depots.