But the cabinet in Berlin, recalling the victories which Frederick the Great had won with mercenary troops, hoped things would be the same. They forgot that times had changed. On the 6th of October Marshal Augereau and 7th Corps left Frankfurt to head, with the rest of the Grande Armée, for the frontiers of Saxony, already occupied by the Prussians.

During the years of terrific stress that followed, during the butcheries of the guillotine and of the Grande Armée, it was the vogue to be soft-hearted, and even such a fire eater as Murat would pour libations of tears over his friends' waistcoats at the slightest provocation. In his Contrat Social Rousseau postulated the essential equality of the governor and the governed.

Against the Grande Armee therefore, Alexander directed that no decisive battle be risked, but that the Russian forces, always retreating, should draw their opponents on as far as possible into the interior of the country, where the rigors and privations of a Russian winter could be expected to work greater havoc among them than could powder and bullets.

A save-face document, no doubt: the wounded are all Turks as our men did not leave their trenches on the 19th; the dead, also, I am glad to say, almost entirely Turks; but anyway, one need not be too punctilious where it is a matter of giving decent burial to so many men. GRAND QUARTIER GÉNÉRAL DE LA 5me ARMÉE OTTOMANE. le 22 mai 1915.

They fight big battle yesterday at Lomagrande that about nineteen or fifty mile in the mountain. That government soldier wheep General De Vega oh, most bad. Five hundred nine hundred two thousand of his mans is kill. That revolution is smash suppress bust very quick. General De Vega, him r-r-run away fast on one big mule. Yes, carrambos! The general, him r-r-run away, and his armee is kill.

Thus, I fancy Napoleon to be a Corsican; a modern marshal to be a promoted sergeant; a judge of the upper court to be a public prosecutor; and a vivandière of the grande armée But I'll not offend, don't be afraid, my poor fellow, even at the risk of the rivalry. Upon my life, I 'm glad to see you have a heart susceptible of any little tenderness.

In September 1805, the seven corps which made up the Grande Armée were on the march from their positions on the coast to the banks of the Danube. They were already in the countries of Baden and Wurtemberg when, on the 1st October, Napoleon, in person, crossed the Rhine at Strasburg.

"'Oh, says the nigger-man, proud to speak the English, 'verree great revolution in Guatemala one week ago. General De Vega, him try be president. Him raise armee one five ten thousand mans for fight at the government. Those one government send five forty hundred thousand soldier to suppress revolution.

I bought a bicycle to-day at Peugeot's in the Avenue of the Grande Armee, because it is hopeless to get cabs or motor-cabs. While there, the shop was requisitioned by an officer, who took away with him three hundred bicycles for the army. The aspect of the main thoroughfares in the Opera quarter, the center of English and American tourist traffic, was depressing in the extreme this afternoon.

In anger, he could have killed that man, but in cold blood, he recoiled from humiliating this unreasonable being a fellow soldier of the Grand Armée, his companion in the wonders and terrors of the military epic. "You don't set up the pretension of dictating to me what I am to do with what is my own." General Feraud looked startled.