He knew that whatever object the Hercules 0001 might strike, that object would be shattered and scattered all about the right of way. What might happen to the runaway was another matter. But the inventor believed that the electric locomotive would be less injured than anything with which it came into collision.

A slight population movement toward the more urban planets and the more densely populated centers. A trend downward in employment nonworking population increasing by about .0001 per cent annually. Not that they were building better robots; they were just building them faster than they wore out.

"Bless my slippery skates!" exclaimed Mr. Damon, "it slides right along, Tom. You've done it, my boy you've done it!" "It looks good from where I stand, my son," said Mr. Barton Swift. It was Mary who suspected that Tom was not wholly satisfied as yet, at least with the test of the Hercules 0001. She cried: "Tom! is it all right?"

Lewis and his gang stared at the head of the freight and did nothing. They had moved hastily back from the siding so as to be clear of the wreckage. Mr. Damon was in the front of the cab of Hercules 0001 and had no idea of the approaching menace. But of a sudden a loud shout echoed through the wood. Tom Swift came over the ridge and started toward his invention at top speed.

If there had been a good drag of cars behind the Hercules 0001, on which the compressed air brakes might have been set, the present manifest peril might have been obliterated. The brakes on the cars would have stopped the whole train. But to halt this huge monster when alone, on the grade, was another matter.

While our obligation to veterans and dependents is large and continuing, the heavier burden of the national debt is being steadily eliminated. At the end of this fiscal year it will be reduced from about $26,600,000,000 to about $17,975,000,000. Annual interest, including war savings, will have been reduced from $1,055,000,000 to $670,0001,000.

The exhaustion has been carried to 0.0001 millimeter, or 0.13 M, and you see that in the neighborhood of the positive pole, and extending almost to the negative, the tube is strongly electrified with positive electricity, the negative atoms shooting out from the negative pole in a rapidly diminishing cone. This is the neutral point.

Why shouldn't I find the right combination to bring about a two-miles-a-minute drive?" "Oh, Tom!" cried Mary, with clasped hands, "I hope you do." "I hope I do, too," said Tom, grimly. "At least, if trying will bring it, success is going to come my way." Speed More than four months had passed since the contract had been signed, when Tom made his first yard-test of the Hercules 0001.

Right across the steel ribbons on which the hercules 0001 ran, Tom had seen something which brought the question to his lips. Ned Newton saw it too, and he shouted aloud: "Tree down! A log fallen, Tom!" He did not lose completely his self-control. But he grabbed the levers with less care than he should. He tried to yank two of them at once, and, in doing so, he fouled the brakes!

He knew better than to try the telegraph instrument. He grabbed the telephone receiver and jiggled the hook up and down on the standard while the Hercules 0001 roared past the station. It did not need Tom's frantically waving cap to warn him what had happened. And he remembered clearly the fact of the expected westbound flyer. "Hammon? Get me? This is Half Way.