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"Hullo!" said Jack Vance; "they're at it again!" His companion made no reply, but taking out a pencil, copied the cipher on the back of an envelope, and then replaced the mysterious document in the crack between the window-frame and the bricks. "What are you doing that for?" "Why, because they may miss it, and smell a rat. Come on; let's get the key and see what it means."

A murder, Mademoiselle!" "A murder?" repeated Alexia. "Nothing less; and not a hundred yards away from this door." Miss Boucheafen had leaned back, almost fallen, against the window-frame. She was so pale that he said hastily: "I beg your pardon I spoke too abruptly. I have frightened you." "No, no; I am not frightened. Go on, pray! How was it? Who was it?" "As to who it was a man.

He had been about me; I grieved for him as for the cat on my hearth. Well, now in death he warned me; it was some recompense; I lifted my hat as I stole by him and slunk round to the side of the house. There was a window there, or rather a window-frame, for glass there was none; it stood some six feet from the ground and I crouched beneath it, for I now heard voices in the cottage.

The dearest delight of this bird, however, was one which no other in the room shared, catching flies. Observing that he tried to get one on the outside of the window-frame, I thought I would indulge him; so the next morning, before the cages were opened, I raised the windows. As I anticipated, two or three flies came in. The oriole saw them in an instant, and was frantic to get out.

Through the window-frame the sky looked light by contrast, and above the black mass of asters in the earthen jar one white star glimmered like a moth. "There was such a lot to do at the last minute," Harney was explaining, "and I had to drive down to Creston to meet someone who has come to stay with my cousin for the show."

Littimer backed before the weapon, backed until he was in the doorway. Suddenly the girl gave him a push, shut the door to, and turned the key in the lock. Almost at the same instant another figure loomed large in the window-frame. Something bulky was struggling to get through the window. Half hidden in the shadow, Christabel watched with the deepest interest.

Mogens with both hands seized a large scaling-ladder which leaned against the part of the factory which was not yet in flames. For a moment he held it vertically, but then it slipped away from him and fell over toward the councilor's house where it broke in a window-frame on the second story. Mogens ran up the ladder, and in through the opening.

It careened, and quivered in every fibre; there was a crash of falling timbers, then a mighty wrench, and the two boys, clinging to the window-frame, were driving with the wreck down the river. The old mill thundered against the submerged rocks, and at every concussion the timbers fell. It whirled around and around in eddying pools.

All this could not matter to him; nevertheless he remained gazing at the roof of the colonnade which went round the house below the upper floor; for, on the terrace it formed, leaning against a window-frame, stood a small figure with her head thrust so far forth to listen that the light shone through the curls that framed it.

Don't misunderstand me, Emile; in a way a son could never have been so close to me as Vere is, but I could have lived in him as I can never live in Vere. I could have lived in him almost as once I lived in Maurice. And to-day I " She got up suddenly from her chair, put her arms on the window-frame, and leaned out to the strange, white day.