Margaret Frazer offered me gun from a Captain Jenkins of Nigeria. Instead bought Winchester repeating, hoping, if need it, get one coast. Lunched Savoy-Lynch, Mrs. Lynch, her sister very beautiful girl. In afternoon Sam Sothern and Margaret came in to say "Good bye." Dined at Anthony Hope's Barrie and Mrs. Barrie and Jim Whigham. Mrs. Barrie looking very well, Barrie not so well.

Joan would have liked to write to Jack Leclerc and ask him to recommend the artists, but she wasn't sure how he would take it, and besides, she did not know his address. Of course she could have asked Clara, but somehow she did not like to. As Lady Whigham had specially asked Mrs. Dobson to engage performers she was interested in, there was no difficulty and the day of the concert arrived.

After the concert had come to an end and the guests had gradually dispersed, Lady Whigham and Mrs. Dobson counted up the money and discussed how much each performer should receive. This tete-a-tete with Lady Whigham was what Mrs. Dobson most enjoyed the whole afternoon. Meanwhile Clara drew Joan aside. "Congratulate me, dearest," she whispered. "I'm going to marry Captain Leclerc."

Was to have lunched with Ned Stone but he was in court. Met Whigham in street. Impulsively asked him to lunch. Ethel and Jack turned up at Martin's; asked them to lunch. Ethel and I drove around town doing errands, mine being the purchase of tickets for numerous friends. Called on Miss Trusdale to inquire about Harden-Hickey. She wants her to go to the country. Cecil arrived at six.

"Well, you was at college oncet, wasn't you?" "I was," P.S. admitted with reluctance; "but I never graduated. When I was twenty-one I had to quit to go to work for Whigham & Wimper." "G'wan," commented the other. "They ain't been in business twenty-five years." "I'm only thirty-one." "More news for Sweeny. You'll never see forty again."

"To-morrow you will resign from the employ of Whigham & Wimper and go to Blessington's to enter their shipping department at a hundred a week; and if you don't earn it, may God have mercy on your wretched soul!" George got up very suddenly. "I'll go send for the doctor," he announced. "One moment more." P. Sybarite dropped a detaining hand upon his arm.

"Well, I certainly got to slip you the congrats!" he protested. "And say you goin' to bounce Whigham and Wimper, too?" "Yes." "And whatcha goin' do then?" "I? To tell you the truth, I'm considering joining the Union and agitating for an eight-hour Day of Days.

James Palace but also it was just over you. Today has been a day of worries. Wheeler cabled that the papers wanted me to be "neutral" and not write against the Germans. Especially, as I got cables from Gouvey, Whigham, Scribner's and others congratulating me on the anti-German stories.

The Place was the counting-room in the warehouse of Messrs. Whigham & Wimper, Hides & Skins; and the Genius of it was the reek of hides both raw and dressed an effluvium incomparable, a passionate individualist of an odour, as rich as the imagination of an editor of Sunday supplements, as rare as a reticent author, as friendly as a stray puppy.

Joan did not enjoy the concert as much as the others. She said the pianoforte playing was very indifferent she wondered what Captain Leclerc, who sat in the front row next to Clara Whigham, thought of it. The 28th was fixed for the concert at Mrs. Dobson's.