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Beyond all, are the nonentities that are in every body. So, you see, it is worth while to aim for the first place and to keep it." "There are certainly all sorts to choose from! I'll never mistrust my instincts again. I am glad I shall meet Senator North to-morrow. I suppose he is a courtly person of the old school with a Websterian intellect."

She did not think it necessary to tell him that she had persuaded the honest Carrington to bring her the volumes and to mark such passages as were worth her reading; but she took care to lead the conversation, and she criticised with some skill and more humour the weak points in Websterian oratory, saying with a little laugh and a glance into his delighted eyes: "My judgment may not be worth much, Mr.

If he had been inclined to corpulency, his frame was ample to build upon for a man of Websterian proportions, but he was not so inclined; on the contrary, he simulated other great men in his personality Jackson, or our modern Abraham Lincoln. He was spare, bony, nervous.

Fortunately for Bell and the men who upheld him, they were defended by two master-lawyers who have seldom, if ever, had an equal for team work and efficiency Chauncy Smith and James J. Storrow. These two men were marvellously well mated. Smith was an old-fashioned attorney of the Websterian sort, dignified, ponderous, and impressive.

Jedd Deane, with his most pronounced Websterian air he was always oscillating between the manner of Webster and that of Rufus Choate to pay his respects to James Dutton, which was considered a great compliment indeed.

Accordingly his wholesale admirers and supporters who have done most of the writing about him, and who always sneezed when Mr. Webster took snuff, have echoed his opinions about these youthful productions, and beyond allowing to them the value which everything Websterian has for the ardent worshipper, have been disposed to hurry them over as of no moment.

"You'll hear some old fool make a Websterian speech full of periods and rhetoric, and you'll straight-way imagine yourself in love with him. Your head will be your worst enemy when you do fall in love." "Webster is the greatest master of style this country has produced. I should hate a man who used either 'periods' or rhetoric.

It always reminded me of birds with weak minds permitting themselves to be charmed by snakes. Honester people said, if his mind was not exactly Websterian, there could not be a doubt that nature had intended him for the profession of diplomacy rather than one requiring more profound thought. His make-up was unexceptionable, his smile exquisite.

This is the quality which gives Brownson his vitality as a mind and an author; and he will be found to be consistent with conscience throughout. His writings are forceful, eloquent, and lucid in style, with a Websterian massiveness that does not detract from their charm.

The statesman of all periods was apt to be pompous, but even pomposity was less offensive than familiarity on the platform as in the pulpit and Southern pomposity, when not arrogant, was genial and sympathetic, almost quaint and childlike in its simple-mindedness; quite a different thing from the Websterian or Conklinian pomposity of the North.