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The story of Rhys and Llewelyn Dancing for a twelvemonth British variants Lapse of time among the Siberian Tartars German and Slavonic stories The penalty of curiosity and greed A Lapp tale The mother leaving her child in the mysterious cave Rip van Winkle Eastern variants King Herla The Adalantado of the Seven Cities The Seven Sleepers King Wenzel and the smith Lost brides and bridegrooms The Monk Felix Visits to Paradise A Japanese tale.

He wore a sombrero in the Mexican fashion, and flung over his shoulders was a great serape which he had found most useful in the winter. With his perfect knowledge of Spanish and its Mexican variants he believed that if surprised he could pass as a Mexican, particularly in the night and among so many.

To repeat, intimidation and compliance are the outputs we seek to obtain by the threat of use or by the actual application of our alternative force package. Then the mission capability package is examined in conditions of both MRCs and OOTW. For discussion purposes, nine examples representing differing historical types, variants, and characteristics of Shock and Awe have been derived.

Others, like Anshar-gal and Enshar, seem to be pure abstractions perhaps only 'variants' of Anshar, and the number ten may have some mystical significance that escapes us.

It is believed that the cliff ruins and cavate lodges, which are merely variants of each other due to geological conditions, were simply farming shelters of another type, produced by a certain topographic environment. The importance which it is believed should attach to the site on which a ruin is found will be apparent from the above. It was certainly a prominent element in the De Chelly group.

There was no pursuit; they were sportsmen in those days, and it was recognized that he had won. That is the classic mode of escape. But there are variants of it which I am prepared to allow. The goaler may have a daughter, who, moved by the romantic history and pallor of the prisoner, may exchange clothes with him.

Darwin, but he is at times unjustly blamed by those who do not read his pleasing works. The complexities in man's personal equation are caused by variants of three emotions; a mutable fondness for women, according to temperament and opportunity, a more uniform feeling toward money, and the universal, devastating desire the old, old passion for food.

It has already been remarked that a literary Italian version of the Silent Couple is found in the Nights of Straparola, but there are other variants orally current among the common people in different parts of Italy. This is one from Venice: There were once a husband and a wife. The former said one day to the latter, "Let us have some fritters." She replied, "What shall we do for a frying-pan?"

Since religion is, among other things, the effective desire to enter into right relationships with the power which manifests itself in the universe there are two variants in its content; first, our changing understanding of the power itself and second, our changing uses of it. The first varies with our knowledge and insight, the second with our own changing sense of personal need.

If the formula I have reconstructed for the Cinder-Maid compares at all with the original, one ought to be able to take any variant and see where the teller of it has diverged from the original, inserted new incidents or adopted new ones to local conditions. When one reads over Miss Cox's variants one can often discern such additions or variations introduced by the fancy of the teller.