He also wished to have a place under the heavens, and so he made the Lalolangi, under the heavens, or the earth. Savaii was formed by a stone rolled down from the heavens, Upolu by another. Other stories say that they were drawn up from under the ocean by a fishing-hook.

He was responsible for the salving of the Doncaster bought in at auction for a hundred pounds, and clearing three thousand after every expense was paid. He led me into the Savaii plantation and the cocoa venture on Upolu. We did not go seafaring so much as in the old days. I was too well off.

I don't mean to go into the speech-making part of the performance, for what between Seumanutafa and Papalangi Mativa, and the talking-man Sasa had lent me for the occasion, and a divinity student who happened along, and somebody who said he was Fale Upolu and spoke for the entire Group, and an aged faipule from the Union Islands who seemed to have some kind of a grievance about his father's head, and the Chief Justice who had to butt in with the capitation tax we were kept there a matter of three hours or more, until at last the principals officially made it up, To'oto'o was forgiven, and everything ended happily.

They had actually spent a most entertaining hour, one which they would not have missed for a good deal. At eight-fifty local time the Sky-Bird took off for her long hop to Apia, principal city of Upolu, an island of the Samoan group.

They landed at the south-west side of the island, and lived there. Vaii, the husband, died, and then Sa put her name first and united the two, as Savaii, the name of the island. The young woman, Vavau, divided the land told Polu to go to Upolu, and Vaii to remain on Savaii.

On the 7th of December, when the family landed at Upolu, the chief of the Samoas or Samoan Islands, they little dreamed it was to be their home for the next four years and the last the master of the house was ever to know.

I could have sworn I saw her smoke last Tuesday afternoon, late, as she passed Savo." "The Upolu sailed all right." Captain Auckland sipped his whisky with provoking slowness. "Only Miss Lackland wasn't a passenger." "Then where is she?" "At Guvutu, last I saw of her. She was going to Sydney to buy a schooner, wasn't she?" "Yes, yes." "That's what she said.

Traveller and student and curious as you are, you will never have heard the name of Vailima, most likely not even that of Upolu, and Samoa itself may be strange to your ears. To these barbaric seats there came the other day a yellow book with your name on the title, and filled in every page with the exquisite gifts of your art. Let me take and change your own words: "J'ai beau admirer les autres de toutes mes forces, c'est avec vous que je me complais

Six days had passed since this affair had occurred, and when Upolu was sighted the five men were still in irons and confined in the hot and stifling atmosphere of the sail-locker, having been given only just enough food and water to keep body and soul together. Four bells struck, and Captain Lucy made his appearance from below.

"Now will you please tell me how you are going to help me?" Frewen seemed to think for a moment or two ere he replied; then he looked at Raymond inquiringly. * A large native town on the south side of Upolu. "A day at least too long altogether with such a strong current setting the ship towards the reef."