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Here it was Turgesius made his usual home, and from the high altar of the Cathedral his unbelieving Queen was accustomed to issue her imperious mandates in his absence. Here, for nearly seven years, this conqueror and his consort exercised their far-spread and terrible power.

The unbelieving world slight the Scriptures because carnal priests tickle the ears of their hearers with vain philosophy and deceit, and thereby harden their hearts against the simplicity of the gospel and word of God; which things the apostle admonished those that have a mind to close in with Christ, to avoid, saying, "Beware lest any man," be he what he will, "spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the traditions of men and rudiments of the world, and not after Christ."

Before such pictures as this, gleaming in the dim light of quiet chapels, many a heart, before unbelieving, may learn a new reverence for the mysterious sanctity of motherhood. In proportion to a mother's ideals and ambitions for her child does her love take on a higher and purer aspect.

The Krooman said that she had called the lad a lazy pig, a Christian dog, and an unbelieving fool, and that she threatened to kill him unless he kept up with the kafila. On the third day of their journeying, it chanced not to be quite so hot as on the one preceding it; and consequently the sufferings of the slaves, especially from thirst, were somewhat less severe.

Quick on the screen of my mind flashed two pictures, side by side the little four-rayed print in the great dust of the crumbling ruin and its colossal twin on the breast of the poppied valley. I turned aside, crept through the shattered portal and looked over the haunted hollow. Unbelieving, I rubbed my eyes; then leaped to the very brim of the bowl.

May we venture to say, as we have already hinted, that all this pain is in some mysterious way still inflicted on His loving heart? Can it be that every time we are guilty of unbelieving, unsympathetic rejection of His love, we send a pang of real pain and sorrow into the heart of Christ? It is a strange, solemn thought. There are many difficulties which start up, if we at all accept it.

As Sarah was obedient to Abraham and called him master, whose daughters ye are, if ye do well, and fear not of any terror. Here St. Peter speaks especially of wives, who at that time had heathen and unbelieving husbands.

Riddle would play at cards there of an afternoon, and when that musical, unbelieving laugh of hers came floating over the wall, Nick would say: "Mamma is winning." Once we heard high words between the two, and running into the garden found the cards scattered on the grass, and the couple gone.

Why was the solid luxury of the house without comfort, its shelter without the sense of permanence? Why had Mrs. Franklyn asked us to come, artists, unbelieving vagabonds, types at the farthest possible remove from the saved sheep of her husband's household? Had a reaction set in against the hysteria of her conversion?

Father Pezelay answered with unction. "But his Majesty's will is to do to do for the glory of God and the saints and His Holy Church! How? Is that which was lawful at Saumur unlawful here? Is that which was lawful at Tours unlawful here? Is that which the King did in Paris to the utter extermination of the unbelieving and the purging of that Sacred City against his will here?