But no doubt Miss Burnaby had repeated their conversation. "Yes; I personally think it's only thought-reading. Still, it's thought-reading carried very far. The kind of power Bubbles showed the night before last seems to me partly hypnotic, and that's why I disapprove of it so strongly." "I agree," said Helen thoughtfully. "It was much more than ordinary thought-reading.

"Well of her mention of the word 'arbour. The last time I saw my mother alive was in the arbour of our horrible little garden at Bedford." "That," said Blanche thoughtfully, "was, I admit, pure thought-reading. Good-night, Lionel." Varick remained standing at the foot of the staircase for quite a long while. Yes, it had been thought-reading, of course. But very remarkable, even so.

As for Giovanni himself, the certainty that came over him was more like 'thought-reading, for neither he himself nor any one else could have explained the steps of reasoning by which he reached his conclusion.

"It's quite true that the most curious thing about Bubbles," said Varick thoughtfully, "is a kind of thought-reading gift. I fancy she must have inherited it from an Indian ancestress, for her great-great-grandfather rescued a begum on her way to be burnt on her husband's funeral pyre. He ultimately married her, and though she never came to England.

At this distance of time it seems to me absurd. I had once experienced something of the same feeling with the hand of a young medical student, who, skilled in thought-reading, discovered the number of a bank-note that was in my mind. This woman had an attractiveness compelling and delightful, at least in its earlier application to me.

The party evidently forgot mesmerism and thought-reading, and seemingly enjoyed themselves without its assistance. The young men and women walked together and talked together, while the matrons looked complacently on. During the day there was hunting, skating, and riding, while at night there was story-telling, charades, games of various sorts, and dancing.

Let him discover what his is, or was gardening, philosophy, reading, travel, billiards, raising animals, training animals, killing animals, yachting, collecting pictures or postage-stamps or autographs or snuff-boxes or scalps, astronomy, kite-flying, house-furnishing, foreign languages, cards, swimming, diary-keeping, the stage, politics, carpentry, riding or driving, music, staying up late, getting up early, tree-planting, tree-felling, town-planning, amateur soldiering, statics, entomology, botany, elocution, children-fancying, cigar-fancying, wife-fancying, placid domestic evenings, conjuring, bacteriology, thought-reading, mechanics, geology, sketching, bell-ringing, theosophy, his own soul, even golf....

She studied him for a moment, then added: "Now you are wondering, first, whether I did not see you take the water from the fountain and guess the purpose, and, secondly, whether perhaps Bastin did not tell me what you were doing with it when we met in the sepulchre." "Look here," said the exasperated Bickley, "I admit that telepathy and thought-reading are possible to a certain limited extent.

No one could want him as a friend, while to make him an enemy would be terrible." I could not help shuddering as she spoke. I had made him my enemy, and the thought was terrible. "He does not like you," she went on; "he did not like the way you regarded his magical story and his thought-reading. Were I you, I should have no further communications with him. I should politely ignore him."

But the experiments of hypnotism go further than this, and show the existence in the subjective mind of powers far transcending any exercised by the objective mind through the medium of the physical senses; powers of thought-reading, of thought-transference, of clairvoyance, and the like, all of which are frequently manifested when the patient is brought into the higher mesmeric state; and we have thus experimental proof of the existence in ourselves of transcendental faculties the full development and conscious control of which would place us in a perfectly new sphere of life.