The regular school says delusion; we call it abnormal clairvoyance. In other instances the control tells the subject that his food and drink are poisoned or unclean. To the obsessed victim these suggestions are absolute reality. To place persons of the negative, sensitive type on prolonged fasts and thus to expose them to the dangers just described is little short of criminal.

Diseased oysters, though not edible, produce pearls, and a pearl of great price is the object of this quest. Let us glance, therefore, at the findings of hypnotism and kindred phenomena. It is difficult to divest the words hypnotism and clairvoyance of certain sordid and sinister associations.

It is in criticism, I think, though no doubt in criticism alone, preferable to lose one's self in a maze of perplexity distressing as this is to the critic who appreciates the indispensability of clairvoyance in criticism rather than to reach swiftly and simply a conclusion which candor would have foreseen as the inevitable and unjudicial result of following one's own likes and whims, and one's contentment with which must be alloyed with a haunting sense of insecurity.

The contamination of her crime spread out, tainted the universe, tainted himself; woke up all the dormant infamies of the world; caused a ghastly kind of clairvoyance in which he could see the towns and fields of the earth, its sacred places, its temples and its houses, peopled by monsters by monsters of duplicity, lust, and murder.

The sacrificer joyfully closed with the bargain, and the ceremony concluded with much feasting and merriment, in which, however, it is highly improbable that the phantasms of the poor roasted "toms" took part. Clairvoyance Clairvoyance is a branch of occultism in which I have had little experience, and can, therefore, only refer to in brief.

Man is provided with seven distinct organs of sense, which receive and interpret these radiations. The lowest rate of vibration is received and interpreted by the sense of gender and the next stage by the sense of touch. Above that we have the senses of taste, hearing, sight, smell and clairvoyance.

I could believe this the more readily since Sure-shot was not the only marksman I had known possessed of this peculiar power. A something inexplicable, which may be classed with the mysterious phenomena of clairvoyance and "horse-whispering."

For it is for this that we may accuse him of a lack of clairvoyance, a real failure to appreciate the future, which in the innumerable variety of her cities gave Italy an intellectual life less sustained and clear than the intellectual life of Greece, but more spiritual and more various. In Italy Antiquity and Hebraism became friends, to our undoubted benefit, to the gain of the whole world.

To-night, a certain clairvoyance had been vouchsafed him, and he beheld these men, his associates and supporters, with a detachment never before achieved. They settled in groups about the room, which was square and high, and panelled in Italian walnut, with fluted pilasters, the capitals of which were elaborately carved.

This was a case of direct vision. Mrs. G. consulted a seer on September 27, 1894. She was told she would have sickness affecting the loins and knees; that she would be the owner of a house in the month of December; that a removal would be made when the trees were leafless; that there would be a dispute about a sum of money. This is positive or symbolical clairvoyance.