"Look hyar, mister for I s'pose we must call a gentleman `mister' who speaks so fine an' looks so fine, tho' he be's an Injun it's mighty easy to settle who hut the bird. That thing's a fifty or tharabouts; Killbar's a ninety. 'Taint hard to tell which has plugged the varmint. We'll soon see;" and, so saying, the hunter stepped off towards the tree on which hung the gruya, high up.

I should jedge we have a pound of gold, or tharabouts. How much is that worth, Johnny? You can figger in yore head." "Along about two hundred and fifty dollars," said Johnny after a moment. "Well, keep on figgerin'. How much does that come to apiece?" "About eighty dollars, of course." "And dividin' eighty by five?" persisted Yank. "Sixteen."

"Lots of 'em hain't wuth the paper they are on," replied Washburn. "The old firm knowed everybody in creation, an' never could refuse a soul. When you bought the accounts you didn't buy gold dollars." "I know that, but Bradley said he thought I might collect a good many of them." "Oh yes; maybe a half, or tharabouts." "Well," said Westerfelt, indifferently, "we'll do the best we can."

"Thar, or tharabouts, I reckon," said the driver, coolly crossing his legs on the box. "It's no use talking; I can never walk through this sand and horrid glare," said a female voice quickly and imperatively. Then, apprehensively, "Well, of all the places!" "Well, I never!" "This DOES exceed everything." "It's really TOO idiotic for anything."

So I tied the lariat round my ankles, sunk my head atween my knees, an' in the twinklin' o' a goat's tail I wur sound. I jest noticed as I wur goin' off, that the mustang wur out some yards, nibbling away at the dry grass o' the parairy. "I guess I must a slep about an hour, or tharabouts I won't be sartint how long. I only know that I didn't wake o' my own accord.

Thet means a considerable bunch o' Injuns thar, er tharabouts. Now I know Black Kettle's outfit is down on the Washita, so the only conclusion is that this yere band thet the Sergeant stirred up is some new tribe er other, a-driftin' down frum the north. I reckon if we ride up ther valley we 'll hit their trail, an' it 'll lead straight down to them Cheyennes."

You are then four miles from the river, or tharabouts, and just that distance, I reckon, from your company. No, captain," he repeated, "the road is wide and open, and a guide war mere lumber on your hands."