I cried, in scorn and wrechedness. "What is he to me? Or his eye either? I refer to Mr. Egleston. It is time for the curtain to go up now, and unless he has by this time returned, there can be no performence." "Look here," Carter said sudenly, "you look awfuly queer, Bab. Your face " I stamped my foot. "What does my face matter?" I demanded.

In this Situation we continued about 40 Minits. when the Storm Sudenly Seased and the river become Instancetaniously as Smoth as Glass. The two perogus dureing this Storm was in a Similar Situation with the boat about half a mile above- The wind Shifted to the S. E & We Saled up passed a Small Isld.

But what were his words to me? Dear Dairy, I gave no thought to the smallpox he had mentioned, although fatle to the complexion. Or to the fight at the mill. I heard only Adrian's possable tradgic fate. Sudenly I colapsed, and asked for a drink of water, feeling horible, very wobbley and unable to keep my knees from bending.

I therfore felt that she would probably be angry and send me to bed. But she was not. She got up very sudenly and came around the table while William was breaking a plate in the pantrey, and put her hand on my shoulder. "Dear little Bab!" she said. "You are right and I am wrong, and we will just turn in and do what we can, all of us. We will give the party money to the Red Cross."

"Did you ever read Pope, father?" "Pope? Why I probably, chicken. Why?" "Then you know what he says: `Curse on all laws but those which Love has made." "Look here," he said, sudenly laying a hand on my brow. "I beleive you are feverish." "Not feverish, but in trouble," I explained.

"Bab," he said, sudenly turning and facing me, "an awfull thought has come to me. You are in Love and not with me!" "I am in Love, and not with you," I said in tradgic tones. I had not thought he would feel it deeply because of having been interested in Leila since they went out in their Perambulaters together. But I could see it was a shock to him.

Those Dry Rivers, Creeks &c are like those of the Missouri which take their rise in and are the Conveyance of the water from those plains. they have the appearanc of dischargeing emence torrents of water. the late rains which has fallen in the plains raised Sudenly those Brooks which receive the water of those plains on which those Suden & heavy Showers of rain must have fallen, Several of which I have Seen dischargeing those waters, whiles those below heading or takeing their rise in the Same neighbourhood, as I passed them appears to have latterly been high. those Broods discharge emencely of mud also, which Contributes much to the muddiness of the river. after Brackfast proceeded on the river much narrower than above from 3 to 400 yards wide only and only a fiew scattering trees to be Seen on the banks. at 20 miles below the Buffalow Shoals passed a rapid which is by no means dangerous, it has a number of large rocks in different parts of the river which Causes high waves a very good Chanel on the Lard.

For if you had pinched it in infansy it would have been a good noze, and not a pug. And " "Good gracious!" he exclaimed. "Why, Bab, I never meant to insult your noze. As a matter of fact, it's a good noze. It's exactly the sort of noze you ought to have. Why, what in the world would YOU do with a Roman noze?" I have not been feeling very well, dear Dairy, and so I sudenly began to weap.

After kindling a fire againe, they gott theire supper ready, which was sudenly don, ffor they dresse their meat halfe boyled, mingling some yallowish meale in the broath of that infected stinking meate; so whilst this was adoing they combed my head, and with a filthy grease greased my head, and dashed all over my face with redd paintings.

What if, in my endeaver to help one who was unworthy, I had led my poor paternal parent into crime? Hell is paved with good intentions. On driving madly into the mill yard, I sudenly remembered that it was Saturday and a half holaday. The mill was going, but the offices were closed. Father, then, was imured in the safety of his Club, and could not be reached except by pay telephone.