I saw epitomized in petal and stamen, all the poetry of the world's dead dreams. I took as many as I could carry back to the portrait, and on the following morning I returned for more. They lured me strangely with their fox fire of sheer beauty, until I had penetrated the jungle to the distance of a quarter of a mile and stood in a small opening where I plucked an armful of their blossoms.

As the first wild rose when it hung from its stem with its centre of stamens and pistils and its single whorl of pale petals, had only begun its course, and was destined, as the ages passed, to develop stamen upon stamen and petal upon petal, till it assumed a hundred forms of joy and beauty.

From these, the simplest forms, we pass on to more and more complicated conditions, anomalies of form and structure devices, mechanisms, that are past belief did we not observe them in actuality with our own eyes, as well as the absolutely convincing demonstration of the intention embodied: exploding flowers, shooting flowers, flower-traps, stamen embraces, pollen showers, pollen plasters, pollen necklaces, and floral pyrotechnics all demonstrations in the floral etiquette of welcome and au revoir to insects.

The owner, Williamson, observing in his beds a flower with a single broadened stamen, saved its seeds separately, and in the next generations procured beautifully filled flowers. These he afterwards had crossed by bees with a number of colored varieties, and in this way succeeded in producing many new double types of anemone.

He appears to dread accurate thinking, and to imagine that knowledge destroys the charm of nature. "Which," he asks, "comes nearest to the truth about love poor Lombroso's talk about pistil and stamen, or one of Shakespeare's sonnets?" The root, he says, is no explanation of the flower. This may be fine, but it is fine nonsense. Lombroso and Shakespeare are both right.

All they desire is to read their manuscript aloud to a receptive listener. Thus are the literary germs vitalized by giving our thoughts to another we really make them our own. Only well-sexed people produce literature poetry is the pollen of the mind. Meter, rhythm, lilt and style are stamen, pistil and stalk swaying in the warm breeze of springtime. An order for arrest was out for Voltaire.

Will not this be better, Don Bob, than pistil and stamen and radicle? than wearing out BBB lead pencils in drawing tumble-down castles, rickety cottages, and dumpling-shaped trees? than acquiring a language which has no literature fit for a girl to read? than mistressing the absurd modern piano music? than taking diplomas from institutes, which most certainly do not express all that young women learn in those venerable seats of learning?

Then she gave orders to her body-guard to keep all suitors at a respectful distance lest some stupid gallant, a horn-bug or a cockchafer dazzled by the light should approach too near and hurt the princess or shake her throne. No sooner had twilight faded away, than forth came the golden beetle, who stood on a stamen and making obeisance, said:

Some of the younger mothers took their little children over to the table and lifting them up till their round shining eyes were on a level with the flower, let them gaze their fill at the mysterious splendor of stamen and pistil. "Would you like to go quite close and look at it, children?" Marise asked her own brood.

As well deprive a flower of its 'mere details' of pistil, stamen, pollen, or an insect of its 'superfluous' antennae, as simplify any Historical Religion down to the sorry stump labelled 'the religion of every honest man'. We shall escape all bigotry, without lapsing into such most unjust indifferentism, if we vigorously hold and unceasingly apply the doctrine of such a Church theologian as Juan de Lugo.