A smile twitched at the corners of her mouth, but it was not wholly one of amusement. In the dark eyes a hint of adventure sparked. Her pulses beat with a little glow of triumph. For this young woman was of the born coquettes. She could no more resist alluring an attractive man and playing with him to his subsequent mental discomfort than she could refrain from bridge drives and dinner dances.

When Kurajan heard these words, he sparked and snorted and foully abused the sun and the moon and crave at Jamrkan, versifying with these couplets,

She supposed that the sparked imagination that could deliver him from being a somber, adult zombie, alive only in insatiable hungers, was important enough that she didn't have to think of such lies as bad.

"I'm almost sorry we didn't," said Morty, who was dreadfully pale and always hated walking. "We'll know better next time." "There'll be no next time for that bubble," I said sadly. "It's sparked its last spark and will never choo-choo again!

The spirit of enterprise is sparked by the sunrise industries of high-tech and by small business people with big ideas people like Barbara Proctor, who rose from a ghetto to build a multimillion-dollar advertising agency in Chicago; Carlos Perez, a Cuban refugee, who turned $27 and a dream into a successful importing business in Coral Gables, Florida.

To Which there is no appeal, and Which holds a vast and enduring hatred for that which has life and full substance." "So Zahur has this new magic. Is it the gift of Shades or Shadow?" Ross brought them back to the subject which had sparked in him a small warning signal. "Zahur prospers mightily." Loketh's answer was ambiguous. "And so the Shadow could not provide such magic?" The Terran pushed.

In the semi-darkness of the trees the old corncob pipe sparked rapidly, sweeter to the halfbreed than nectar, for Mira had held the match that lit it. Night after night he was content to sit like that, her small hand cuddled in his; but in the evening hours there were so many things to do toward the fulfilment of their dream. "Jest a coupla weeks more, Mira," he murmured.

No science, no liberal arts. But she read a lot on her own. Mysteries, new fiction, the classics that were recommended by that stud of a librarian. Not that she understood all of it, but there was usually something to enjoy, to learn from. Especially questions about the Big Picture that always sparked her interest. But Uncle Justin would just shake his head.

Bruce surmised that the Chinaman must share his own instinctive distrust, yet Smaltz, with his versatility, had proved himself more and more valuable as the work progressed. Banule's sanguine prophecy that they would be "throwin' dirt" within two weeks had failed of fulfilment because the pump motors had sparked when tried out.

No one could have guessed its nature from your father; from Glenkindie, yes, his malice sparked out of him a little grossly. But your father, no. A man of granite. The next moment he pounced upon Creech. 'Mr. Creech, says he, 'I'll take a look of that sasine, and for thirty minutes after," said Glenalmond, with a smile, "Messrs.