One State, holding an embargo law unconstitutional, may declare her opinion, and withdraw from the Union. She secedes. Another, forming and expressing the same judgment on a law laying duties on imports, may withdraw also. She secedes.

Seward parleying with the rebel commissioners Corcoran's dinner The crime in full blast! 75,000 men called for Massachusetts takes the lead Baltimore Defence of Washington Blockade discussed France our friend, not England Warning to the President Virginia secedes Lincoln warned again Seward says it will all blow over in sixty to ninety days Charles F. Adams The administration undecided; the people alone inspired Slavery must perish!

South Carolina secedes%. The only state where in 1860 presidential electors were chosen by the legislature was South Carolina. When the legislature met for this purpose, November 6, 1860, the governor asked it not to adjourn, but to remain in session till the result of the election was known. If Lincoln is elected, said he, the "secession of South Carolina from the Union" will be necessary.

She sat down between the two and held a hand in each of hers. "Now, daddy dear, you must tell me why you're going to fight Virginia if she secedes from the Union." The gentle face smiled sadly. "How can I make you understand, dear baby? It's foolish to argue such things. We follow our hearts that's all." "But you must tell me," she pleaded. "There's nothing to tell, child.

"And I shall enlist too," declared Wade Ruggles, compressing his lips, "but it will be on the other side." "I'm with you," added Budge Isham; "I am from Alabama, and if she secedes, as she is sure to do, I am ready to lay down my life in her defence."

What is this administration about? Have they no blood; are they fishes? The crime in full blast; consummatum est. Sumpter bombarded; Virginia, under the nose of the administration, secedes, and the leaders did not see or foresee anything: flirted with Virginia.

When it comes to that you have no government.... If a State secedes, although we will not make war upon her, we cannot recognize her right to be out of the Union, and she is not out until she gains the consent of the Union itself; and the chief magistrate of the nation, be he who he may, will find under the Constitution of the United States that it is his sworn duty to execute the law in every part and parcel of this Government; that he cannot be released from that obligation.... Therefore, it will be incumbent on the chief magistrate to proceed to collect the revenue of ships entering their ports precisely in the same way and to the same extent that he does now in every other State of the Union.

Robert E. Lee, the great, the good, was cut to the heart at the impending calamity. One of his friends said: "I have seldom seen a more distressed man." Lee said: "If Virginia stands by the old Union so will I. But if she secedes, then I shall follow my native state with my sword, and, if need be with my life. These are my principles and I must follow them."

It is the desire of South Carolina that some other State should take the lead, or at least move simultaneously with her. She will unquestionably call a convention as soon as it is ascertained that a majority of the electors will support Lincoln. If a single State secedes, she will follow her.

"Our form of government, Mr. North," said I, "is the very best on earth if it goes well, and the worst if it goes ill. We have no standing army to fight for an administration as for a throne or dynasty; so that if a State secedes, the question is how to coerce that people, if it be best to attempt it. Citizens do not like to march against their brethren.