And probably yes, I think actually every man at this table is more or less making money out of it all. There's Clay making a fortune. There's Roddie, making money out of Clay. Here am I, serving Clayton's cigarets I don't know why I pick on you, Clay. The rest are just as bad. You're the most conspicuous, that's all." Natalie evidently felt that the situation required saving.

At that hour he declared that the petition was "in due form of law and amply sufficient in all things and that the question thereby proposed should be certified to the Governor to the end that the same may be submitted to the electors of the State as is provided by law." Senator Roddie then appealed to the Supreme Court, which in June, 1910, sustained the petition.

"Roddie says he has tried to call you at the mill, but you are always out of your office. So he sent these around to-day." True to the resolution he had made that night in the hospital, he went over them carefully. And even their magnitude, while it alarmed him, brought no protest from him. After all the mill and the new plant were his toys to play with.

It was Natalie who gave him the suggestion. "Why don't you turn your carriage-house into a studio, and give a studio warming, Roddie? It would be fun fixing it up. And you might make it fancy dress." Before long, of course, he had accepted the idea as of his own originating, and was hard at work. Rodney's house had been his father's.

There was in his soul a disappointed love, an implacable hate, and a medley of other discords. 'You are waiting for the Maestro, Roddie! said Madge. 'His baton will reduce chaos to order with a measure of three beats. 'Three beats? 'Yes; three almighty beats: GOD IS LOVE! He shook his head. 'I left off pricking texts when I was five, and gave up painting when I was nine.

He turned and faced her. "I wonder if you are!" "Go on, Roddie. As it is??" "As it is," he said, rather rapidly, "you give me a great deal of happiness. I can't say all I would like to, but just being with you Natalie, I wonder if you know how much it means to me to see you every day." "I like it, or I wouldn't do it." "But I wonder if it means anything to you?"

Senator Roddie was chosen to protest it on the ground that 5,000 of the signatures were fraudulent but he offered no proof of the charge. Three eminent lawyers, Judge J. B. A. Robertson, Democratic candidate for Governor; Judge T. L. Brown, a Republican, and P. J. Nagel, a Socialist, gave their services to the suffragists.

And of course Chris " "Yes, they knew Chris." Her voice was scornful. "So they think I'm moping and hiding because How interesting!" She sat back, with her old insolent smile. "Poor Chris!" she said. "The only man in the lot except Clay Spencer who is doing his bit for the war, and they when is your party, Roddie?" "New-year's Eve." "I'll come," she said.