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"I rispec you is bin kick um, sir," said Tom. "Hey? What? Well! suppose I did bin kick um, if it had been properly made, it would not have tumbled down. Fix it this minute, sir!" "I is gwine to fix um now, sir," said Tom, fumbling at the fire. "Well! fix it, sir, without having so much to say about it; you had better do more, and say less," said Mr. Cleveland. "Yes, sir," answered Tom.

But you see there are time' when a woman has sorrow sorrow of one kind when she mus' be sure that there is only only rispec' in the hearts of her frien's." With that, the intended revelation was complete, and the young man understood, as clearly as if she had told him in so many words, that she was not a widow and that her husband was the cause of her sorrow.

An' a heap er rispec' you is got fer de mem'ry er my po' dead sister! "Mars Sam knowed w'at she 'lowed she seed wa'n't so; but he didn' let on, fer it only made him de safer. He wuz willin' fer her ter 'magine w'at she please', jes' so long ez she kep' out er his house an' let him alone.

Every Frenchman know' that her cousin is a bad rebel and ingrate, who had only honor and rispec' for her, but was so wilful he could not let even the king say, 'You shall marry here, you shall marry there. My frien's," the young man turned to the others, "may I ask you to close roun' in a circle for one moment?

"Well, I nevuh!" she ejaculated, as soon as she could get her breath, "ef dat ain' de beatinis' pe'fo'mance I ever seed er heared of! Dese yer young niggers ain' got de manners dey wuz bawned wid! I don' know w'at dey're comin' to, w'en dey ain' got no mo' rispec' fer ole age I don' know I don' know!"

Cleveland, "put me in mind in the morning, to send a load of wood to old Mrs. Peters." I rispec dey drudder hab de meat sted o' de wood, 'cause dey can pick up wood nuf all about." "You mind your own business, sir," said Mr. Cleveland, "I'll send just what I please. How long is it since I came to you for advice?