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There a thousand of them sit, under proper officers, proper wages, treatment; and the hum of their poor spindles, and of their poor inarticulate old hearts, is a comfort, if one chance to think of it.

Yates maintained that for the exercise of the right of suffrage there should be no test of intelligence, wealth, rank or race. To bring the people up to the proper standard, the ballot itself was "the greatest educator."

The five attributes above named are all identical with God's simple essence. "Living" denotes ability to perceive, hence is identical with "Omniscient." "Acting with will" likewise denotes just and proper action, which in turn involves true insight. Hence identity of will and knowledge.

"Oh, no; but you would submit to the injustice he does you. He has robbed you of the society of your younger acquaintances he compels you to sit almost excluded in a town where you are an acknowledged belle. Young gentlemen are afraid to call on you." "Well, I don't know that it would be exactly proper," she replied.

Little by little I imposed silence upon my emotions and my regrets. A life of great activity and occupation, by separating us, as it were, from ourselves, extinguishes those exacting niceties, both of our proper sensibility, and of our self-conceit. Few teachers are attached to their pupils; I attached myself to mine with tenderness, with delight.

At Florence every one is called by his proper name or his surname; and the common usage, unless there be some marked distinction of rank or age, is to say thou and not you; only to knights, doctors, and prebendaries is the title of messere allowed; to doctors that of maestro, to monks don, and to friars padre.

We must keep it in its proper place, even in performing its necessary functions, such as preserving public health. It is better to take some risk, even in such matters, than to override too much the individual's personal rights.

"Course I expect to think different when my age is different. I'm havin' the thoughts proper to twenty-four, and you're havin' the thoughts proper to sixty." "Fifty!" shrieked Uncle Hughey, jumping in the air. The Southerner took a tone of self-reproach. "Now, how could I forget you was fifty," he murmured, "when you have been telling it to the boys so careful for the last ten years!"

He knows well enough that he and his fellow-workers are guided by no theory of the proper limits of government, and are animated by no desire to curtail the use of private property. The practical politician in this country is beckoned forward by no large, bright ideal; no abstract consideration of justice or social expediency supplies him with any motive force.

When the proper time arrives, a work will be given to the world to prove to mankind the law of cycles.