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Suppose we change the subject. You seem to have tamed this tiger until it obeys you like a kitten." "That's what I get my wages for. But why do you think I'm an odd sort of chauffeur?" "For that matter, then, why do you think I'm an odd lady's-maid?" "As to that, probably I'm no judge. I never talked to one except my mother's, and she wasn't at all like you." "Well, that proves my point.

I neither hate nor blame the cardinal, and your opinions will be held ever sacred by me. But do you happen to belong to him?" "Monsieur d'Artagnan," replied Athos, "is in the service; he is a soldier and obeys all constitutional authority. Monsieur d'Artagnan is not rich and has need of his position as lieutenant to enable him to live. Millionaires like yourself, my lord, are rare in France."

Communities highly civilised and largely urban tend to a thing which is now called evolution, the most cautious and the most conservative of all social influences. The loyal Russian obeys the Czar because he remembers the Czar and the Czar's importance. The disloyal Russian frets against the Czar because he also remembers the Czar, and makes a note of the necessity of knifing him.

The multitude of common minds, laboring under all sorts of current opinions, authorities, prejudices, is like the people, which silently obeys the law and accepts orders from above.

"He's working for me, and I guess he obeys my orders," Stine retorted. "Shorty, take that bag ashore." Shorty obeyed, and Sprague shivered in the boat. Kit, having received no orders, remained inactive, glad of the rest. "A boat divided against itself won't float," he soliloquized. "What's that?" Sprague snarled at him. "Talking to myself habit of mine," he answered.

I do not even find anything about the sacred cause of democracy, the resolve of a self-governing people to put an end to feudal rule. Instead I discover a soldier-boy who obeys and keeps silent, and who, in his inmost heart, is in the grip of terrors both of body and soul.

"That was Zikali, the Mighty Magician, the Counsellor of Kings, the Opener of Roads; he whose birth our grandfathers do not remember; he whose breath causes the trees to be torn out by the roots; he whom Dingaan fears and obeys." "Did he cause the Boers to be killed?" I asked. "Mayhap," she answered. "Who am I that I should know of such matters?"

As it is, she uses more tact than force, but he obeys implicitly, nevertheless." "What benefits do you claim, Professor, to result from the practice of phrenology as applied to matrimony?" "Simply the results of knowledge and observation in any direction.

Man is not the hereditary sovereign in a republic. He is an actual, present, continuing sovereign, and he is that only so long as he obeys the law of his being and constitutes himself, by reason of his manhood strength, the defence of the republic's laws for all. In woman suffrage democracy has met a most dangerous foe.

Shall the child become one who habitually obeys the commands of others, without questioning, without resisting, and so perhaps become a pliant tool in the hands of powerful but unscrupulous men?