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"If you'll catch me, I'll work a few kinks out of my arm." "Can't you find somebody else?" asked Sage reluctantly. "I came out to look on." "Oh, come ahead," urged Hooker. "Get your blood to circulating. Who would ever think you were the quarter back of the great Oakdale eleven? Here's the mitt, take it." "Come over by the fence," requested Fred. "I'll let that do most of the backstopping."

On the other side of the street was a field where the small fry of Oakdale usually held their ball games. "I always hate passing this old house," said Marian Barber. "It is so terribly still back there among those pines. I don't " She stopped short, an expression of terror overspreading her good-natured face, as she mutely pointed toward the old house.

"Let's drink to the success of the house party," cried Reddy, "and pledge ourselves to be on time next Tuesday morning. Drink her down." When next we meet our Oakdale boys and girls, they will have returned to their books after a long happy summer.

"Well, if this was a square game they might get their expectations stepped on." "A square game!" retorted the other. "What do you mean by that? What's the matter with it? So far, it's the cleanest game I've seen this year. "It's the dirtiest game I ever saw! It's cuc-crooked from the start. Oakdale hasn't a sus-show." "Of course she hasn't; she's outclassed.

"I have confidence," pursued Herbert, trying to ignore the little chap, "that Wyndham will win; and I'm ready to back my conviction with real money." "Dinged if I didn't think yeou'd got abaout enough of it bating against Oakdale!" exclaimed Crane. "Wonder where he gets so much money?" said Fred Sage. "He's bluffing," was the opinion of Jack Nelson.

Mother would like to keep you safe and sheltered at home, but you are too active, too progressive, to be content as a home girl," said Mrs. Harlowe rather sadly. "You are likely to discover that your work lies far from Oakdale, but you know that whatever or wherever it may be your father and I will wish you Godspeed.

But Piper, leaping forward and speeding up surprisingly, made a forward lunge at the last moment, and performed a shoestring catch that brought the entire Oakdale crowd to its feet with a shout of wonderment and delight. Eliot calmly removed the catching mask and swung the body protector over his head. "Royal support, Phil," he observed, as Springer trotted happily toward the bench.

"Dear little Mabel," said Miss Putnam. "I am sure you must miss her greatly. Her finding of her mother was very wonderful. I received a letter from her last week. She says she is very happy, but that she misses her Oakdale friends, particularly Jessica." "She is coming east for commencement," said Jessica with a wistful smile. "No one knows how much I miss her."

Phil sat down on the bench, throwing his sweater over his arm for protection. The umpire called, "Play," and Nelson, cheered by the little crowd from Oakdale, stepped out with his bat. The Oakdale captain found a place at Springer's side. "Phil," he said in a low tone, "I want you to be ready to go in any time. I've decided to start the game with Grant, but we may need you any moment."

Elwood," she smiled, bent on changing the subject. "And I to see you, my dear," was the hearty response. "I have missed my Oakdale girls this summer." After a few moments' conversation Grace said good night and went slowly upstairs. In spite of her satisfaction at being back at Overton she could not repress a sigh of regret over the recent unpleasantness.