And, meanwhile, it has been downtrodden, it has been ravaged, he went on, with an involuntary movement of his arm, and his face darkened; 'we have been robbed of everything; everything, our churches, our laws, our lands; the unclean Turks drive us like cattle, butcher us 'Dmitri Nikanorovitch! cried Elena. He stopped. 'I beg your pardon. I can't speak of this coolly.

I can fancy how Andrei Petrovitch must have made you wonder! 'You value my good opinion, said Elena, in an undertone, 'why? Insarov smiled again. 'Because you are a good young lady, not an aristocrat... that's all. A short silence followed. 'Dmitri Nikanorovitch, said Elena, 'do you know that this is the first time you have been so unreserved with me? 'How's that?

At last Anna Vassilyevna raised her eyes, saying: 'God is your judge, Dmitri Nikanorovitch' she stopped short: the reproaches died away on her lips. 'Why, you are ill, she cried: 'Elena, your husband's ill! 'I have been unwell, Anna Vassilyevna, answered Insarov; 'and even now I am not quite strong yet: but I hope my native air will make me perfectly well again.

Wrapt in a cloak he was walking along the very road by which Elena had come; he seemed to be hurrying home. She clasped the old rail of the steps for support, and tried to call to him, but her voice failed her... Insarov had already passed by without raising his head. 'Dmitri Nikanorovitch! she said at last.

Bersenyev told her of Insarov's intention. Elena turned white. 'What does it mean? she articulated with effort 'You know, observed Bersenyev, 'Dmitri Nikanorovitch does not care to give reasons for his actions. But I think... let us sit down, Elena Nikolaevna, you don't seem very well.... I fancy I can guess what is the real cause of this sudden departure.

Bersenyev drew at the pipe: 'I have even been thinking, he began again, blowing out the smoke in a thin cloud, 'that if any one could be found you, for instance, I thought of who would care, who would consent to establish himself there upstairs, how nice it would be! What do you think, Dmitri Nikanorovitch? Insarov turned his little eyes on him. 'You propose my staying in your country house?

'I used to be able to be open, then I had nothing to conceal; but now 'But now? queried Elena. 'But now... now I must go away. Goodbye. If, at that instant, Insarov had lifted his eyes to Elena, he would have seen that her face grew brighter and brighter as he frowned and looked gloomy; but he kept his eyes obstinately fixed on the ground. 'Well, good-bye, Dmitri Nikanorovitch, she began.

But she checked herself at once: 'Dmitri Nikanorovitch, she said, 'are you absolutely, absolutely bound to go away? 'Absolutely, Anna Vassilyevna. Anna Vassilyevna looked at him. 'Ah, Dmitri Nikanorovitch, God grant you never have to go through what I am going through now. But you will promise me to take care of her to love her. You will not have to face poverty while I am living!

'What is his name? Elena inquired with interest. 'Insarov Dmitri Nikanorovitch. He is a Bulgarian. 'Not a Russian? 'No, he is not a Russian, 'Why is he living in Moscow, then? 'He came here to study. And do you know with what aim he is studying? He has a single idea: the liberation of his country. And his story is an exceptional one.

Do you hear, do you hear, Anna Vassilyevna? And you know, I presume, who lives there? 'Yes, I know; my husband. Nikolai Artemyevitch's eyes were starting out of his head. 'Your 'My husband, repeated Elena; 'I am married to Dmitri Nikanorovitch Insarov. 'You? married? was all Anna Vassilyevna could articulate. 'Yes, mamma.... Forgive me. A fortnight ago, we were secretly married.