Mohun again had recourse to his match-case, and lit the candle left by Nighthawk on an old pine table, and glanced at his watch. "Midnight exactly!" he said; "we have made a good ride of it, Surry." "Yes; and now that I have piloted you safely, Mohun, I will discreetly retire." "Why not remain, if you think it will amuse you, my dear friend?"

I have not sufficient courage to remain and witness what would certainly recall 'the manner of Bombastes Furioso making love to Distaffina! Will you have a cigar? Good morning." He lifted his hat, shouldered his gun, and calling to his dog, disappeared among the thick undergrowth. "What an incorrigible savage!" muttered Mr. Leigh, replacing the match-case in his pocket.

No doubt they're as far off by this time as they could get. It might be difficult to prove anything, but I'd like to try." "I wouldn't," I said. "But let's look for that rosary. Have you any matches?" "Plenty." He took out a match-case, and held a wax vesta for me to peer about in the neighbourhood of the broken stairway. "Here's something glittering!"

"Well, what do you know?" He next drew out a metallic match-case. "Well, well dry too!" He lit his cigar, took three or four puffs, contentedly sat down, and began smoothing out and counting the damp bills. "Well, well! forty-five, fifty-five, sixty, seventy the only time in my life I ever beat a cash register!

"That will do very nicely," she presently said, the color billowing her cheeks. He gathered wood and lit a fire, being fortunate enough to find his match-case had been waterproof. He piled on dry branches till the fire roared and licked out for the moisture in their clothes. "I've been wondering how you happened to see me in the water," he said. "You were riding past, I expect?"

'It's really very annoying, this letter from Selah, Herbert Le Breton murmured to himself, as he carefully burnt the compromising document, envelope and all, with a fusee from his oriental silver pocket match-case.

"I was thinking it was queer you should know so much of the history of the human race and so little of its life to-day. As a shrugger you stand off." "For the love of Heaven don't let's get on that!" With swift movement he took a cigar from one pocket, a match-case from another.

Narcisse threw open and jerked off a worsted jacket, took his coat down from a peg, transferred a snowy handkerchief from the breast-pocket of the jacket to that of the coat, felt in his pantaloons to be sure that he had his match-case and cigarettes, changed his shoes, got his hat from a high nail by a little leap, and put it on a head as handsome as Apollo's.

Perhaps "Fire" would be bobbery when the Colonel mounted him, would get "what-for" from whip and spur, and be put over the compound wall instead of being allowed to canter down the drive and out at the gate.... Colonel de Warrenne stepped into his office to get a cheroot. Re-appearing in the verandah with it in his mouth he halted and thrust his hand inside his tunic for his small match-case.

"There, be calm, I'm always prepared," said Miss Broadwood, checking Imogen's flurry with a soothing gesture, and producing an oddly fashioned silver match-case from some mysterious recess in her dinner gown. She sat down in a deep chair, crossed her patent-leather Oxfords, and lit her cigarette. "This matchbox," she went on meditatively, "once belonged to a Prussian officer.