A cloud rests over the youth and early manhood of Thomas Cromwell, through which, only at intervals, we catch glimpses of authentic facts; and these few fragments of reality seem rather to belong to a romance than to the actual life of a man. Cromwell, the malleus monachorum, was of good English family, belonging to the Cromwells of Lincolnshire.

"Ah!" said the knight, "well do I remember the shipping of that stone from Acre, little guessing its purpose!" "Then it is indeed a stone from the ruined Temple of Jerusalem," said the lady. "Read the inscription, my Son." The young man read and translated "Edwardus Primus. Malleus Scotorum Pactum serva. Edward the First. The Hammer of the Scots. Keep covenant."

Charles stood obediently in the place assigned to him, where the shelter of the Malleus' garden wall made his own bulk less conspicuous and whence he could see the gate. The night was mild, but a little wind had risen, gently rocking the branches of the trees which, in the neighbourhood of the street lamps, cast their shadows monstrously on the pavements.

For when he has reduced his superstition to a science, then he will reduce his cruelty to a science likewise, and write books like the "Malleus Maleficarum," and the rest of the witch literature of the fifteenth, sixteenth, and seventeenth centuries; of which Mr. Lecky has of late told the world so much, and told it most faithfully and most fairly. But, fear of the unknown?

Before the Reformation it reached its height, in the Catholic world, with the famous bull of Innocent the Eighth in 1484, the infamous Malleus Maleficarum, the first of the long list of witch-finding books, and the zeal with which the State lent all the terrors of the law to assist the ecclesiastical inquisitors.

The same incongruity appears also in Innocent VIII., whose bull against witchcraft systematized the persecution directed against unfortunate old women and idiots. Sprenger, in the Malleus Maleficarum, mentions that in the first year after its publication forty-one witches were burned in the district of Como, while crowds of suspected women took refuge in the province of the Archduke Sigismond. Cp.

Suggestion: The greatest diameter of the internal ear is about three fourths of an inch. In an extended course it is a profitable exercise to dissect the ear of a sheep or calf, observing the auditory canal, middle ear, bridge of bones, and the tympanic membrane with attached malleus and tensor tympanic muscle. Pass a probe from the nasal pharynx through the Eustachian tube into the middle ear.

Among the latter was the Malleus vulgaris, which is used as food by the natives. The soil on this part of the island is a stiff clay, and the plants it produces are mostly woody; those of an herbaceous character were scarce, and only a few orchideous epiphytes and ferns were seen.

Lymphatic Vessels. A system of absorbent vessels. Malleus. Literally, the mallet; one of the small bones of the middle ear. Marrow. The soft, fatty substance contained in the cavities of bones. The act of cutting and grinding the food to pieces by means of the teeth. A passage or canal. Medulla Oblongata.

The hermit maintained and bucklered his opinion, by quotations from Malleus Malificarum, Sprengerus, Remigius, and other learned demonologists, that the Evil One, thus seduced to remain behind the appointed hour, would assume her true shape, and, having appeared to her terrified lover as a fiend of hell, would vanish from him in a flash of sulphurous lightning.