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That Rea was erroneously charged with that as a crimen which ought rather to serve as her justification, namely, her sudden riches. For the Malleus Maleficarum expressly says that a witch can never grow rich, seeing that Satan, to do dishonour to God, always buys them for a vile price, so that they should not betray themselves by their riches.

I am not so certain that backsliding into the most horrible times of the Malleus maleficarum is impossible." Doctor Wilhelm had rung for a steward, who now entered. Max Pander appeared at the same time. "Doctor von Kammacher, I feel as if we must have some champagne. Adolph," turning to the steward, "a bottle of Pommery." "They're making a big hole in the champagne cellar," said Adolph.

We learn from Sprenger's famous theoretico- practical guide, the 'Malleus Maleficarum, that forty-one witches were burnt at Como in the first year after the publication of the bull; crowds of Italian women took refuge in the territory of the Archduke Sigismund, where they believed themselves to be still safe.

By my sceptre and crown, the man stares as if he took his native prince for a warlock! us that are the very malleus maleficarum, the contunding and contriturating hammer of all witches, sorcerers, magicians, and the like; he thinks we are taking a touch of the black art outsells!

While Dee took no part in the affair except that he "sharply reproved and straitly examined" Hartley, he lent Mr. Hopwood, the justice of the peace before whom Hartley was brought, his copy of the book of Wierus, then the collections of exorcisms known as the Flagellum Dæmonum and the Fustis Dæmonum, and finally the famous Malleus Maleficarum.

"I have a sonne seven years old; Hee is to me full deere; I will tye him to a stake All shall see him that bee here And lay an apple upon his head, And goe six paces him froe, And I myself with a broad arrowe Shall cleave the apple in towe." In the Malleus Maleficarum a similar story is told Puncher, a famous magician on the Upper Rhine.

Gray could not well procure them a specimen. Metallic tractors. Holloway's Ointment. Electro-biology. Valentine Greatrakes his Stroking Cure. Spirit-rapping. Holloway's Pills. Morison's Pills. Homoeopathy. Parr's Life Pills. Mesmerism. Pure Bosh. Exorcisms, for which the read Maleus Maleficarum, Nideri Formicarium, Delrio, Wierus, etc. But could not get one that mentioned water-babies.

The commissioners named by Innocent VIII. to prosecute the witch-trials in Germany, were Jacob Sprenger, so notorious for his work on demonology, entitled the "Malleus Maleficarum," or "Hammer to knock down Witches," Henry Institor a learned jurisconsult, and the Bishop of Strasburgh.

Sprenger, a German inquisitor-general, and author of a celebrated book on detecting and punishing witchcraft, called Malleus Maleficarum, or "The Mallet of Malefactors," burned more than five hundred in one year. In Geneva, five hundred persons were burned during 1515 and 1516.

Before the Reformation it reached its height, in the Catholic world, with the famous bull of Innocent the Eighth in 1484, the infamous Malleus Maleficarum, the first of the long list of witch-finding books, and the zeal with which the State lent all the terrors of the law to assist the ecclesiastical inquisitors.