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Her mother's and her father's graves were there, side by side; and never had Fleda's heart so clung to the old grey stones, never had the faded lettering seemed so dear of the dear names and of the words of faith and hope that were their dying or living testimony.

It was nearly all Encyclopedia, stretching away in a formidable array of volumes exactly alike, except for the tiny gold lettering across the center of the back. She lifted out one at random, the "L's," and it opened accommodatingly of its own accord, when its heaviness slid out of her grasp, to "Lepidoptera."

'You want the Euryalus brought up above the Third Cataract, don't you? and eighty-one-ton guns at Jakdul? Now, I'm quite satisfied with my breeches. He turned round gravely to exhibit himself, after the manner of a clown. 'It's very pretty. Specially the lettering on the sack. G.B.T. Government Bullock Train. That's a sack from India. 'It's my initials, Gilbert Belling Torpenhow.

As I drew nearer, the tumbled nature of the stone-work disclosed itself further, and I began to have fears lest the central chamber should have caved in and hidden the Recipe effectually and for always by crumbling its lettering into dust.

Beneath the cross-bar it carried the arms of France, and on the upper part a scroll in ancient lettering that read, 'FRANCISCUS PRIMUS DEI GRATIA FRANCORUM REX REGNAT' Which means, freely translated, 'Francis I, by the grace of God King of the French, is sovereign. Donnacona, Taignoagny, Domagaya and a few others, who had been invited to come on board the ships, found themselves the prisoners of the French.

I'll know what it means when I'm bigger " "And you expect to remember it?" asked the judge. "I don't never forget," said the boy. "Bless my soul!" exclaimed the judge for the third time. For a moment he stood looking silently down upon the marble slab with its defaced lettering.

I misdoubt me if the prior would like it carried forth from the library; but if he would meet me one day here in the forest, I will strive to secrete it and let him have sight of it. It hath wonderful pictures and lettering such as he loves. Wilt tell him of it, boy, and ask if he will have sight of it?" "I will tell him," answered Julian.

"Don't y' touch anythin'!" warned the longshoreman, fussing with the matches as he strolled. "I won't." Layers of curling black leaves were lying uppermost in the stove. And they were moving, as if they were living and suffering things. On some of the leaves Johnnie could see lettering.

On the tower, immediately below the battlements, is the inscription, in huge letters, made, I should think, of white majolica tiles VILLA CÆSIA. The lettering, besides being broken, is certainly not modern, and has a sharpness of outline telling of the Renaissance.

Lettering of one kind or another is frequently in request. It is useful for inscriptions, verses, names attached to figures, the signing and dating of work, and for the more ordinary purposes of marking linen and so forth.