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Then followed a space that seemed to me endless, but at length the bridge fell and one half of the gate opened and we got into the courtyard, where at last poor Daylight fell down beneath me, as I thought, dead. Except Kara, there was nobody to be seen, and his look was wild, and his garments were all torn. 'Where are the guard? I gasped, fearing his answer as I never feared anything before.

After this ceremony, the cadi read the sentence, confirmed by the Mufti, which declared Tepeleni Veli-Zade to have forfeited his dignities and to be excommunicated, adding an injunction to all the faithful that henceforth his name was not to be pronounced except with the addition of "Kara," or "black," which is bestowed on those cut off from the congregation of Sunnites, or Orthodox Mohammedans.

"On the contrary," said T. X., calmly, and rising from the chair, "I am going to put your good faith to the test." For answer Kara walked to the door and opened it. "Let me show you the way," he said politely. He passed along the corridor and entered the apartment at the end. The room was a large one and lighted by one big square window which was protected by steel bars.

"You're full of suggestions." "I was thinking that we could go on a picnic." "A what?" "A picnic. Take a lunch and go somewhere in the jeep. Maybe up into the hills. I think it might be fun." "Why not?" Kennon agreed. "At least it would break the monotony. Tell you what. You run up to the house and tell Kara to pack a lunch and we'll take the day off." "Good! I hoped you'd say that.

He took the key and balanced it lightly in the palm of his hand. "Is this the key of the famous bedroom safe?" he said banteringly. Kara was looking down at him with a quizzical smile. "It isn't the safe you opened in my absence, on one memorable occasion, Mr. Meredith," he said. "As you probably know, I have changed that safe, but perhaps you don't feel equal to the task?"

McClain, Miss Frean and Sheila Mason. Dr. McClain, assisted by the two women, was bearing Kara in his arms. Before Margaret and Tory reached them, he had placed Kara in his motor car and they were driving away. Tory toiled up the long, hot street, her arms filled with packages, her face flushed. How different the atmosphere from the cool green shade of Beechwood Forest!

She wrote several short goodbye notes, one of which was written to my mother, which I reproduce here. I am grateful to think that at that critical moment she remembered me. Kara Youssouff. 29 February 1913. "Dearest Veta: We are under fire the projectiles are going over our heads, one just fell on the other side of our tents, and the ground is torn up before our eyes.

In Albania they called him "Kara Rumo," which meant "The Black Roman," for no particular reason so far as any one could judge, for his skin was as fair as a Saxon's, and his close-cropped curls were almost golden. He had fallen in love with Grace Terrell.

But before anything could be hoped for Kara must reach a happier state of mind and body. Never had there been any pretence that she and Kara were not more intimate and devoted than any other two girls in their Troop, save perhaps Dorothy McClain and Louise Miller. Then what was one to do but give Kara all that one possessed?

"'Kara, I said, 'you are going to die, a more merciful death than my wife died. "He tried to speak. His soft hands gesticulated wildly, but I was half lying on one arm and held the other. "I whispered in his ear: "'Nobody will know who killed you, Kara, think of that! I shall go scot free and you will be the centre of a fine mystery!