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They were fine young animals; but did less with the brains bestowed upon them than the working bee who makes provision of honey for the winter, or the swallow that builds its nest under warmly sheltered eaves. Prince Humphry, however, was of a different nature. From a shy, somewhat unmanageable boy, he had developed into a quiet, dreamy youth, fond of books, music, and romantic surroundings.

He was about thirty years old at the time of his execution, which was at high-water mark, Execution Dock, on the 14th of August, 1723. Where the warrant had evidently been taken for the signature of the king or a minister. The Life of HUMPHRY ANGIER, a Highwayman and Footpad

Nevertheless, he is there nearly every day, some attraction draws him, but what, I cannot discover. If Humphry were of the soul of me, as he is of the body of me, I should not even try to fathom his secret, but he is the nation's child heir to its throne and as such, it is necessary that we, for the nation's sake, should guard him in the nation's interests.

HUMPHRY WARD, journalist and author, sometime Fellow of Brasenose College, editor of several biographical and historical works. H.G. WELLS, novelist, author of "Tono Bungay" and "Ann Veronica." MARGARET L. WOODS, poet; her "Wild Justice" and "The Invader" have placed her in the front rank. ISRAEL ZANGWILL, novelist, poet, dramatist, interpreter of the modern Jewish spirit.

And when Humphry has travelled for a year and seen other lands, other manners, and other faces, we may look upon this boyish incident in his career as finally closed. I think both you and I can rest assured that there will be no further cause for anxiety?" He put the question carelessly. The Queen bent her head in acquiescence, but her eyes were fixed upon her son, who still said nothing.

In this way Charlotte Brontë represents the Victorian settlement in a special way. The Early Victorian Industrialism is to George Eliot and to Charlotte Brontë, rather as the Late Victorian Imperialism would have been to Mrs. Humphry Ward in the centre of the empire and to Miss Olive Schreiner at the edge of it.

"I love," said he, "to see this day well kept by rich and poor; it is a great thing to have one day in the year, at least, when you are sure of being welcome wherever you go, and of having, as it were, the world all thrown open to you; and I am almost disposed to join with Poor Robin in his malediction on every churlish enemy to this honest festival: "'Those who at Christmas do repine, And would fain hence dispatch him, May they with old Duke Humphry dine, Or else may Squire Ketch catch'em."

"The King has created an autocracy!" said Louis Valdor; "and it will last for his lifetime. But after !" "After him, if his eldest son, Prince Humphry, comes to the Throne, the autocracy will be continued;" said Von Glauben decisively; "For he is a young man who is singularly fond of having his own way!"

She told me she long had feared this thing for me, knowing the heart of Humphry to be set on winning thee, and that Eleanor approved his suit, and having already heard that of late thou hadst inclined to smile on him. She begged me to do nothing rash or hasty. "'What good were it, she said, 'to beg the King for leave to hasten home?

"There is nothing to say, Sir," he replied; "Your ancient writer merely expresses a truth we are all conscious of. All poets, worthy the name, and all authors, save and except the coldest logicians, deem the world well lost for love." "More fools they!" said Von Glauben gruffly; "Love is a mere illusion, which is generally destroyed by one simple ceremony Marriage!" Prince Humphry smiled.