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It is true that they are entirely selfish; it is NOT true that they represent evil, pure and simple. The trust is a necessary development in humanity's journey toward organization, concentration and the simplifying of industry. The first locomotive ever built was a trust. It performed the work of a thousand four-horse teams, deprived four thousand horses and a thousand drivers of a livelihood.

Since sleep seemed to be out of the question, he fell back upon poor humanity's other anodyne, work, which has the incidental advantage of generating warmth. Seizing a shovel, he began to dig at the doorway of the tomb, whilst the jackals howled louder than ever in astonishment. They were not used to such a sight.

Moreover, it is to miss the great chance of life, the chance to find that short cut to happiness which men call pain and suffering. A family is humanity's great opportunity to walk the way of the cross. Mothers know that; some fathers know it; some children grow up to learn it.

We make bold to say that no one in the throes of conflict between duty and desire, at the moment of moral crisis, has ever been influenced by the worth of his action for humanity. The ultimate sanction of right conduct must be drawn from a Source beyond humanity, which enjoins the right at all costs from Him who is humanity's Maker and Ruler.

She did not care to be out of humanity's reach, nor to take her small journeys alone; she liked to hear the sweet music of speech, and if she started at the sound of her own, Bessie would have been on the jump all day, for she was a brilliant and effusive talker. It must not be imagined from this that Bessie was particularly fond of young men. Such was far from being the case.

As it ended they glided backward and faded from view. The battle will not cease Till once again on those white steeds ye ride O Heaven-descended Twins, Before Humanity's bewildered host. Our javelins Fly wide, And idle is our cannon's boast. Lead us, triumphant Brethren, Love and Peace.

Presently he looked up the normal rate of increase, with other data, among herds of bovis domesticus in a wild state, on planets where there are no natural enemies. It wasn't unheard-of for a world to be stocked with useful types of Terran fauna and flora before it was attempted to be colonized. Terran life-forms could play the devil with alien ecological systems very much to humanity's benefit.

The implications behind the empty eyes of Douglas's Lani sickened him. There were several ways to produce that expression, all of them unpleasant. Hypnoconditioning, the Quiet Treatment, brainburning, transorbital leukotomy, lobectomy all of the products of that diseased period of humanity's thinking when men tampered with the brains of other men in an effort to cure psychic states.

Among these books I noted masterpieces by the greats of ancient and modern times, in other words, all of humanity's finest achievements in history, poetry, fiction, and science, from Homer to Victor Hugo, from Xenophon to Michelet, from Rabelais to Madame George Sand.

See! where all the gods and goddesses yonder are weeping, That the beauteous must fade, and that the perfect must die. Even a woe-song to be in the mouth of the loved ones is glorious, For what is vulgar descends mutely to Orcus' dark shades. Humanity's bright image to impair.