From that afternoon Todd had no excuse for loafing away any halfer. His services as referee were in demand, not merely as a matter of utility, but of preference. Taylor, who had watched rather anxiously Todd's progress, smiled easily at the success of his understudy. "I say," said Bourne to me, "what's come over Todd? Blessed if that usual ass didn't handle the Fifth v.

They drank and the meeting was formally opened. But it was an elderly Salarik seated to the right of Halfer, a man who wore no claw knife and whose dusky yellow cloak and sash made a subdued note amid the splendor of his fellows, who spoke first, using the click-clack of the Trade Lingo his nation had learned from Cam.

Yes, I'll transfer, sir." The Captain was turning about in his fingers the beautifully shaped figure of an Astran duocorn. "Pity to trade these here," he mused aloud. "Will Paft or Halfer appreciate more than just their scent?" Weeks smiled shyly. "I've filled this case, sir. I was going to offer them to Mr. Van Rycke on a venture. I can always make another set.

Grim was no end cocky over that." "Grimmy waste a 'halfer' bottle-washing! Rot! That isn't his form, Wilson." "If," said Poulett, impressively, "he has sunk so low, we must give him an 'elpin' 'and, pore feller!" "Rather. If Lancaster has put the cover over old Grimmy we must get him out somehow. Let's adjourn to see."

Had they so slowed Halfer or Paft it might be a different matter altogether. Fashdor was established at his seat, his belongings spread out, and Dane, counting unobtrusively, was certain that the council was now complete.

Todd was moodily looking out of his window one halfer, and discontentedly wondering how he could exist till he should switch on the electric for the evening grind, when a not unfamiliar knock sounded on the door. Gus faced round wonderingly, and opened the door. The house-master dropped into the chair which Todd hastily drew out for him. "I thought I should catch you in, Todd.