Glossop run. Certain it is she brought her wounded brother safe home to England, and prisoners in that war usually had short shrift. For three years longer she was the Countess of Fleetwood, 'widow of a living suicide, Mr. Rose Mackrell describes the state of the Marriage at that period. No whisper of divorce did she tolerate.

Glossop, a half-indignant, wholly excited roar from the captain, and the duke, glancing toward them, saw that they both had got to their feet in a sort of panic and were standing there, white, quaking, and handcuffed together. "Good Lord!" began the duke. "Look here, Mr. Narkom I say! This idiot's out of his head." "More than out of it!" swung in the captain furiously. "To people in our position!

A year or so later Ouida wrote me a letter from Florence, saying, "Your name has been just recalled to me by seeing in the Morning Post that you were dining the other night with Lady Howard of Glossop, one of my oldest friends."

There was no one else in the room at the moment, and Glossop in asking the question had in truth forgotten what he had heard of this new intimacy. "Don't you learn to be ill-natured, Glossop. And remember that there is no form so bad as that of calling young ladies by their Christian names.

There was New Mills, there was Stockport, there in the far distance was Manchester. The boy stood a moment poised between the two worlds, his ash-stick in his hand, the old coat wound round his arm. Then at a bound he cleared a low stone wall beside him and ran down the Glossop road. Twelve hours later Reuben Grieve climbed the long hill to the farm.

The household, when I arrived, consisted, besides Mr Abney, myself, another master named Glossop, and the matron, of twenty-four boys, the butler, the cook, the odd-job-man, two housemaids, a scullery-maid, and a parlour-maid. It was a little colony, cut off from the outer world.

That's the kind of thing, isn't it?" suggested Hoffmann. "At any rate there she is, and Mounser sees her every day." "It don't make any difference about Rufford," said young Glossop stoutly. All this happened before the will had been declared, when Arabella did not dream that she was an heiress.

Hope- Scott's Kindness to his Highland Tenants Builds School and Church at Mingarry Church at Glenuig Sells Dorlin to Lord Howard of Glossop Other Scottish Missions aided by Mr. Hope-Scott His Irish Tenantry His Charities at Hyeres. The reader has now been enabled to form an opinion of Mr. Hope-Scott's character and actions in various aspects.

As I see it, sir, the occupants of the house, hearing the fire bell ring, will suppose that a conflagration has broken out." I nodded. One could follow the train of thought. "Yes, that seems reasonable." "Whereupon Mr. Glossop will hasten to save Miss Angela, while Mr. Fink-Nottle performs the same office for Miss Bassett." "Is that based on psychology?" "Yes, sir.

The kind of look that makes a fellow feel he's forty-six round the waist and has great rolls of superfluous flesh pouring down over the back of his collar. And, still speaking in the same unpleasant tone, she added, 'I ought to have told you, father, that Mr. Glossop always likes to have a good meal three or four times during the night. It helps to keep him going till breakfast.