He had followed the coming and going of the travellers among the ruins, and knowing that they would not fail, after having sated their curiosity, to cross the stream in order to visit the royal tombs, he awaited them on his own ground, certain of fleecing them to some extent.

They recouped themselves by fleecing the more ingenuous of their clients. In the case of Muhlen's occultation there was even less surprise than usual. Everybody, judging by his lavish display of gold and showy manner, expected him to depart sooner or later in the orthodox manner at night-time, by means of a sailing boat secretly hired, conscientiously prepaid.

I don't see or hear the Ozone; I don't see or hear the Talk. And there is so much Talk; so much too much; such loud cry, and such scant supply of wool; such a deal of fleecing, and so little fleece!

But I observe that all people, beginning with you, have conceded to him a right, which in former times has been the subject of contest in every Grecian war. And what is this? The right of doing what he pleases, openly fleecing and pillaging the Greeks, one after another, attacking and enslaving their cities. Isocrates speaks of the Athenian sway as having lasted sixty-five or seventy years.

Saints of one order or another are as thick here as ordinary priests in Malta, whom the late facetious Major Wright was accustomed to call crows from their black dress but better, cormorants, as agreeing with their habits of fleecing the poor people. Sidi Amour Abeda's hands ought to be lily-white, for every one who meets him kisses them with devout and slavering obeisance.

In other countries it is the custom of persons in trade to take as much as they can get from the public, fleecing one man to exactly the same extent as another; here they take what they can obtain from the individual customer.

"He seems to have stuck to Benson pretty closely, no doubt with the object of fleecing him; and you think he's not altogether ruined yet." "If what he told me is correct, there are still some pickings left on him." "I don't suppose the explanation is that Clarke has some conscience, and feels that he has robbed him enough." Harding laughed.

"Where do you suppose they're going now?" speculated Betty. "Oh, I judge they want to see the sights, same as we do," replied Bob carelessly. "Perhaps they count on fleecing some confiding Tippewa citizen out of his hard-earned wealth. They can't do much in three hours, though, and I think they're booked to go right on through to Oklahoma.

The trouble with them is that very few men among us have sense enough to manage them intelligently. The masculine mind is readily taken in by specious values; the average married man of Protestant Christendom, if he succumbs at all, succumbs to some meretricious and flamboyant creature, bent only upon fleecing him.

When begging for a small sum from Lady Carbury, he had said that he could not carry on the game without some ready money, and had considered himself fortunate in fleecing his mother as he had done. Now he was in the possession of wealth, of wealth that might, at any rate, be sufficient to aid him materially in the object he had in hand. He never for a moment thought of paying his bills.