"Let us throw rocks into the opening," suggested Giant, and began to do as he had suggested. They heard a growl, but no wildcats showed themselves. "I'll throw a firebrand in," said Jed Sanborn, and cut a dry cedar bough. "Stand ready to shoot, if anything shows itself." With interest the boys watched the old hunter prepare his firebrand and light it.

When she had shot a cable's length a head of the Firebrand, we kept away a point or two, so as to stand more in for the land, and, like most maniacs, I was inwardly exulting at the success of my manoeuvre, when we heard the corvette's bell struck rapidly.

"That fat priest whose name you asked is the Abbe Gudin, a Jesuit, obstinate enough perhaps I ought to say devoted enough, to remain in France in spite of the decree of 1793, which banished his order. He is the firebrand of the war in these regions and a propagandist of the religious association called the Sacre-Coeur.

"Well, I was fighting for Sir Jervas then, him they call 'The Firebrand' " "Do you mean Sir Jervas Vereker?" "Aye, I do one o' the bang-up nobs, a tip o' the tippies, but the best sportsman and truest friend ever man fought for " "Good!" quoth I. "D'ye happen to know him, brother?" enquired Jessamy, with another look of mild surprise. "I begin to think I do not," I answered.

She’ll show herself the more potent witch of the two. The new emperor too will help the incantation.” “What! something is coming?” asked Juba, with a grin. “Coming, boy? yes, I warrant you,” answered his uncle. “We’ll make them squeak. If gentle means don’t do, then we’ll just throw in another ingredient or two: an axe, or a wild cat, or a firebrand.”

What could it proceed from? not from the burned cottage he had smelt that smell before indeed this was by no means the first accident of the kind which had occurred through the negligence of this unlucky young firebrand. Much less did it resemble that of any known herb, weed or flower. A premonitory moistening at the same time overflowed his nether lip. He knew not what to think.

All is grist that comes to his mill. Robert Owen had but recently started "Queenswood College" in Hampshire, and nothing would do but Tyndall should go there as a teacher of science. "Is he a skilled and educated teacher?" some one asked Owen. "Better than that," replied Owen; "he is a regular firebrand of enthusiasm."

No one took up this firebrand, and the professor added: "Your name is Greek, isn't it, Mr. Homos?" "Yes; we are of one of the early Hellenic families," said the Altrurian.

Vooda seized a small firebrand, and stepped a few yards away from the fire. He held the firebrand in his left hand, and put his right into one of the pockets of his tunic. This pocket contained a quantity of loose lycopodium powder. He filled his hand with this, waved it over his head several times, and then projected the handful of powder high into the air with a sweeping throw.

As the evening fell, the breeze freshened; and during the night it blew strong, so that from the time we bore up, and parted company with the Firebrand, until day dawn next morning, we had run I30 miles or thereby to the northward and westward, and were then on the edge of the Great Bahama Bank.