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'And is your master married? she asked. 'No. The master is young and unmarried, because noble gentlemen can never marry young, said Vanyusha didactically. 'A likely thing! See what a fed-up buffalo he is and too young to marry! Is he the chief of you all? she asked. 'My master is a cadet; that means he's not yet an officer, but he's more important than a general he's an important man!

He took the cue readily, and accused me of being "fed-up like all neutral correspondents in Berlin." He frankly expressed his disgust at the enthusiasm which he declared that I had been showing for everything German since I met him in Holland.

One thing seemed to lead to another, and the show sort of bust up. He called me a good many things, and I got a bit fed-up, and finally I told him I hadn't any more use for the Family and was going to start out on my own. And well, I did, don't you know. And here I am." Sally listened to this saga breathlessly.

Many, many times he lose patients that way. Quelle bêtise, voyons!" "He must have been practising pretty steadily now for some time," remarked Esther, "to have as good a practice as he seems to have." "Ah, yes, it is long now, for him, and I think he gets now what you English call fed-up. I believe he would like to throw it all up to-morrow, but he cannot.

Not bad for a Boche, the platoon decided. There is no doubt that whatever the German General Staff may think about the war and the future, the German Infantry soldier is "fed-up." His satiety takes the form of a craving for social intercourse with the foe.

I'm fed-up with everything!" Henry switched off the light and got into bed. He shut his eyes and tried to sleep, but sleep would not come to him. He lay blinking at the ceiling for a while, and then he got up and went into his sitting-room and got out his manuscript and began to write. He wrote steadily for half-an-hour, and then he put down his pen and read over what he had written.

We came to the conclusion that we hadn't any use for early-morning fielding." Adair's manner became ominously calm. "You were rather fed-up, I suppose?" "That's just the word." "Sorry it bored you." "It didn't. We didn't give it the chance to." Robinson laughed appreciatively. "What's the joke, Robinson?" asked Adair. "There's no joke," said Robinson, with some haste.

Having rapidly realized that there was not the slightest prospect of any sleep, and that the morrow looked like being a busy day, we commenced with characteristic fed-up vigour to carry out our nefarious design. A section, myself and the sergeant, started on digging that sap, and what a job it was!

I was furious and very "fed-up," but that did not help, so turning in my seat and raising my hand I said, "Gutten Morgen." This surprised them so much that they forgot to be rude and mostly returned the compliment. The immediate treatment I received was rather better than I had expected. Several officers came forward, and one, who held a revolver, told me in broken English to get out.

The rendezvous was a mule transport reeking with its cargo, still tied up to the sun-scorched wharf where scores of loungers loafed and gazed up at the rail and exchanged badinage with the supercargo. The supercargo consisted of this dozen-odd fed-up ones eight Americans, three Frenchmen and one Belgian.

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