First Lady," Doctor Veetonia said plaintively, "I should like to remember this one! It should be possible, I think." Small, icy fingers were working up and down Trigger's spine. The Ermetyne gave her a light wink. "I'm afraid it isn't, Doctor," she said. "There are such very important matters to be discussed. Besides, Trigger Argee and I will come to an amicable agreement very quickly." "No."

"Rarely have I seen anyone rip into total therapy with the verve displayed by the Ermetyne. She mentioned on one occasion that there simply had to be some way of getting ahead of you again." "Oh," said Trigger. "Yes," said Pilch. "By the way, what are your own plans nowadays? Aside from getting married." Trigger stretched slim tanned arms over her head and grinned. "No immediate plans!" she said.

"Commissioner Tate has informed me," the Ermetyne said, "that this group does not recognize the principle of diplomatic immunity in my case. Under the circumstances I must accept that. And so I shall answer any questions I can." She looked at the pocket quizzer Quillan was checking over unhurriedly. "But such verification instruments are of no use in questioning me." "Why not?" Quillan asked idly.

Yes, she could become more specific about the location with the help of star maps. "Let's get them out," said Commissioner Tate. They got them out. The Ermetyne presently circled a largish section of the Vishni Fleet's area. The questions began again. 113-A: Professor Mantelish had told her of his experiments with this plasmoid There was an interruption here while Mantelish huffed reflexively.

"With the obvious exception of yourself," Lyad said, "everyone on the Griffin takes my orders at the moment." "Then just tell whoever's in charge of the yacht to let the squad in before there's any shooting. The Commissioner can get awfully short-tempered. Then get the guards away from that entry portal. That's for their own good." The Ermetyne nodded. "Will do." "All right.

When the ComWeb reported the fourth caller, it sounded awed. "The name given is the Lady Lyad Ermetyne!" it said. Quillan beamed. "Lyad? Bless her heart! A pleasure. Put her through." A screen shaped itself on the wall mirror to the right. Lyad Ermetyne's face appeared in it. "Heslet Quillan!" She smiled. "So you aren't permanently lost to your friends, after all!" It was a light, liquid voice.

"Did you people know," Lyad said, "that the trouble on the way between Maccadon and Evalee was caused by a catassin killing?" There was a touch of mischief in the question, Trigger thought. There were assorted startled responses. The Ermetyne went briefly over some of the details Quillan had told; essentially it was the same story. "And do you know, Belchik, what the creature was trying to do?

Lyad's fingers flew over the tabs. The communicator signaled contact. Lyad said evenly, "Come in, Aurora! This is the Ermetyne." There was a pause, a rather unaccountably long pause, Trigger thought. Then a voice said, "Yes, First Lady?" Lyad's eyes widened for an instant. "Come in on visual, Captain!" There was the snap of command in the words. Again a pause.

Comes from Farnhart where they use the single name system. A noted horsewoman, very wealthy, socially established. Which is why we like to use her in situations like this." Trigger was silent a moment. Then she said, "What kind of situation is it? I mean, what's she doing with Lyad Ermetyne and the others?"

Trigger turned in the direction he'd indicated. "They do look like they're somebody important," she said. "Do you know them?" "Some of them. That gentleman who looks like he almost has to be the Dawn City's First Captain really is the Dawn City's First Captain. The lady he's escorting into the lounge is Lyad Ermetyne. The Ermetyne. You've heard of the Ermetynes?" "The Ermetyne Wars? Tranest?"