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"What if Sara does take the measles?" she asked miserably. "Everyone has to have the measles sometime," I said comfortingly, "and the younger you are the better." Ten days later, Aunt Olivia and Uncle Roger went to town one evening, to remain over night, and the next day. Peter and the Story Girl were to stay at Uncle Alec's during their absence.

Homer won't have much, and if his pa keeps on feelin' like he does, he won't have none.... If you're lookin' fer a restin' place, you might consider Nate. I could fix it." Her eyes flashed. "I haven't come to that yet," she said, sharply, and then began to cry quietly. "Um!..." Scattergood gripped his pudgy hands together so that each might restrain the other from patting her head comfortingly.

"You're very late, I think. When did you have your last meal?" He shook his head. "Shall I make you some nice hot tea?" He nodded. "Very well," she said comfortingly. Soon with her hair hanging about her face and hiding it, she was bending over the gleam of fire, and insinuating a small saucepan into the middle of it, and encouraging the gleam with a pair of bellows.

"Le's go an' play lady," said the fair-haired twin comfortingly. "I bar be Elsie Cameron." "No, you don't!" cried her stronger-minded sister. "I'm goin' to be Elsie. You can be old Arabella Winters, an' you can have Rebekah for your parrot," she said derisively. But the fair-haired twin, though of a yielding disposition, was subject to stubborn fits.

He remembered how once, when the Gondomar had been scuttling for two days at the fringe of a cyclone, he had seen a cabin-boy lean back against a mast and become suddenly statuesque with inertia, with such a queer pinching of the mouth as hers. "It's all right," he said comfortingly. "There's a train in a quarter of an hour."

I thought it would make her happier," she lamented, "and all it did was to tire her!" Polly's eyes were brimming over with tears. "Never mind, dear," said Miss Lucy comfortingly. "You did your part, and as well as you could; that's all any of us can do. So don't worry about it. There's Brida looking this way, as if she were just longing to talk with you."

"It's been splendid and exciting, and everything went off well," sighed Cecily, "but, oh dear, it's going to be so queer and lonesome without Aunt Olivia. I just believe I'll cry all night." "You're tired to death, that's what's the matter with you," said Dan, returning. "You girls have worked like slaves today." "Tomorrow will be even harder," said Felicity comfortingly.

Don't you worry about any lies you ever told your father. You've got nothing to accuse yourself of where he's concerned or anybody else, either." Her heart, that had throbbed wildly as she thought to begin her confession, sunk back to a forlorn beat. He noticed her dejected air, and said comfortingly: "Don't be downhearted, Missy.

But I can't see how I could have acted otherwise." "It's all right, Lizzie," he said comfortingly. "Don't you worry. Of course, I can't see just why you went and busted up things in such a wholesale manner. But I know you felt it was the thing to do, and I can go somewhere else. I may get in with Dr. Harper here in Cheemaun."

Berkeley Hammond hovered comfortingly. She was not a woman to promise idly. She had been interested in his story and felt herself morally bound to make some sort of restitution to Hermia for her own unwilling responsibility in the attention that had been drawn to it.