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"Simiacine," repeated Gordon, fingering the stem of his wine-glass and looking at him keenly between the candle-shades. "Yes. You've always been on its track, haven't you?" "In six months your go-downs will be full of it my Simiacine, my Simiacine." "By God, I wish I had a hand in it." Maurice Gordon pushed the decanter again gently, almost surreptitiously. "And so you may, some day.

The flush on his face had been imperceptible to her in the roseate light of the pink candle-shades, he was glad to think; but he waited until it had subsided before he spoke with a hint of reproof. "I say, don't try sarcasm. Sarcasm in a woman jars, somehow." "I wasn't sarcastic, really." Her tone was of raillery and somehow he didn't like that she should speak so lightly.

The door opened, and the maid stood there, saying quietly: "Dinner is served, ma'am." They went in hand in hand, regardless of her. They sat down and looked at each other under pink candle-shades. The golden-brown curtains were drawn evenly down the whole length of the much-windowed wall, and splashed rich colour against the prevailing cream.

Glennard at this point laid down his fork and glanced at her between the candle-shades. The alternative explanation of her indifference was not slow in presenting itself. Her head had the same listening droop as when he had caught sight of her the day before in Flamel's company; the attitude revived the vividness of his impression. It was simple enough, after all.

Julie's candle-shades looked perfect, and so did the menu-cards. "I trust that monsieur is satisfied," said the maître d'hôtel, bowing towards the man who had had the dealings with him. He got his answer, but not from Peter, and, being a Frenchman, smiled, bowed again, and discreetly left the room; for Elsie, turning to Peter cried: "Did you do it even the wattle?" and kissed him heartily.

Pleasure danced in her eyes and on her lips, and as she shone on him between the candle-shades Darrow felt that he should not be at all sorry to be seen with her in public. He even sent a careless glance about him in the vague hope that it might fall on an acquaintance.

It was like the beating of a distant sea, with a ground swell presaging storm. The wind, blowing from the south, brought, too, the voice of the river, passionate over its myriad rocks, around its thousand islets. There were odours of flowers; somewhere there was jasmine. White moths came in at the window, and Judith, rising, put glass candle-shades over the candles.

Do not cook any cereal the mornings we have oranges or grape-fruit the starch and acid are likely to make a disturbance inside. Four people are coming to dinner this evening. I have ordered some pink roses and we will use the pink candle-shades. Or, wait I had forgotten that my hair is red. Use the green candle-shades and I will change the roses to white."

Well, since coming back, and with no permanent arrangements made, I have had plenty of chance for getting into position to appreciate the really first-class. There was a color-scheme in pale pink ribbons of that color, pink icing on the cakes, and so on. The same thing could be done, and done charmingly, in light green with pistache ice-cream. Of course the candle-shades were pink too."